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Artists in Labs. Research and Creation in the Digital Era

By Jean-Paul Fourmentraux, Editions Hermann, 2011, 130 pp., ISBN: 9782705681852

Jean-Paul Fourmentraux's new book entitled Artists in Labs. Research and creation in the digital era raises several questions: Can art be a research? Writing computer - can it by itself cover a theoretical dimension and become a creative challenge? How does the interdisciplinarity transform methods of attribution and valuation of shared works of art and science?

The book is concerned with the way in which the artistic creation and the technological research - areas that were historically separated - are now so entangled that any innovation within the one interests and forms the development of the other. In the new laboratories of art and computer creation (Ircam, Hexagram, Lip6, CNAM, Orange Labs), hybrid works make irreversible the division and the ancient borders between art and science. By articulating interdisciplinary contributions, digital art engages a fragmentation of the creative modes and plural designations of what constitutes the artwork. The logics of conception are now directed to a plurality of issues: art exposition, technology invention and academic knowledge.

The author, Jean-Paul Fourmentraux is a sociologist, lecturer (HDR) at the University of Lille 3 and researcher at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS Paris) at the Raymond Aron Center for Sociological and Political Studies (CNRS).

To order the book, please visit www.editions-hermann.fr/ficheproduit.php?