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Things and Communication: Economical and Cultural Coherence in Changing Society

Edited by Andrey V. Biriukov and Vladimir I. Ionesov, Samara Institute Higher School of Privatization and Enterprise; Samara Society for Cultural Studies, Samara, 2012, 514 pp., ISBN 978-5-88293-256-4

The book represents a collection of papers of the International Scientific Conference Things and Communication: Economical and Cultural Coherence in Creative Industry of Changing Society, held in Samara, Russia, on 28-29 May 2012, and carries different interpretations of things in culture and social practice. It presents the contemporary discourse of the philosophical comprehension of sense and preposition of material objects in social life and their terminological significances in the science of things. The authors consider different aspects of the existence of things in culture by the material patterns and within the limits of current theoretical knowledge. They distinguish such concepts as thing, object, subject and artefact in a cognitive analysis of material culture. It is necessary not only to distinguish the thing as object, but also to show the thing as a sign and symbol of human relations. Different approaches to the interpretation of material objects enable the explanation of the thing as carrier and image of human qualities. The book shows that things, as important means of cultural changes, must be carefully considered in context of urgent tasks of social management. The book also analyses different views on creative economy and visual communication in the context of urgent tasks of modernization.

The book is available at samin.ru/cesi/publication

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