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Culture in Transition: Imperatives of Transformation and Possibilities of Development

By Vladimir I. Ionesov, Samara Society for Cultural Studies; Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts, Samara, 2011, 537 pp. (text in Russian, summary in English, pp. 524-537), ISBN 978-5-88293-255-7

The book Culture in Transition: Imperatives of Transformation and Possibilities of Development by Vladimir I. Ionesov presents the reader with a new view on a transitivity phenomenon, in which not only unpredictable challenges are seen, but also creative possibilities of multicultural transformation. Everything that allows us to move successfully forward, anyway, is connected with transitions. The book contains reflections on what culture is and what metamorphoses culture is undergoing, helping the human being in its never-ending attempts to make the world a better place. The new original concept of transition developed by the author allows to understand better why culture should change constantly to be useful to people.

The general aim of this book is the study of the survival of culture in transition. It gives a cultural analysis and interpretation of the transitional reality as a multifunctional integral cultural system. The author aimed to go from the descriptive and estimating consideration to the explanatory analysis of the changing culture. The dynamics of cultural transformation in transition is extremely diverse, and it depends greatly on local specificities and the starting opportunities of each individual culture. The genesis of cultural changes takes place in parallel to vivid and eloquent, symbolic and social manifestations of culture. These manifestations mean an extremely wide range of cultural topics and meanings that are given in this book. Different methods of cultural analysis are used in this research on the basis of structural cognition and systemic modelling.

The book is available at: smrgaki.ru/9/monograf.htm.

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