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Special Issue on Art and Mobility

The primary purpose of the InterArtive Special Issue no. 55 on Art and Mobility is to reflect on the multiple aspects of cultural and artistic mobility, and to open the way towards a transdisciplinary field of study that increasingly claims its place in the analysis and research of the social and cultural dynamics of the contemporary world.

As Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, editor-in-chief, points out in the introduction to this special issue, in order to go into depth on the relationship between art, culture and mobility, it is important to create a continuous reflection and an active and ongoing exchange of information. Mobility begins before 'movement' and continues later, through contact and the development of exchange networks useful to activate new projects and new ideas.

It is increasingly necessary to develop 'mobile thinking' not stuck in immovable categories in order to raise new questions, to develop new knowledge, and to re-imagine new horizons. Mobility is a growing reality that we all have to face, explore, investigate and improve.

The issue is accessible at artmobility.interartive.org