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Announcement of New Publication

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Rebalancing Our Cultural Capital

A contribution to the debate on national policy for the arts and culture in England
By Peter Stark, Christopher Gordon and David Powell, 2013

A report on Rebalancing Our Cultural Capital has been released on 31 October 2013. This evidence-based report which addresses the balance of arts funds between London and the rest of England has been produced independently and at their own expense by Peter Stark, Christopher Gordon and David Powell.

Over the past two months, the report prompted many reactions and reflections in the UK and beyond. While it is interesting as it reflects on imbalances in arts funding in the UK, the report might serve as an inspiration for reflection and debates in other countries where there is a concern about financing for big metropolitan cities in comparison with other cities and regions.

The report can be downloaded from the official web page of the project at www.theroccreport.co.uk