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Introducing the Creative Industries: From Theory to Practice

Edited by Rosamund Davies and Gauti Sigthorsson, SAGE Publications, 2013, 280 pages, ISBN 9781849205733

This is a complete guide to studying and succeeding in the creative industries. The book takes you through the history, trends, products and markets of the creative industries, showing how success depends on a mix of ideas, tactics and talent. When understanding social networks and cultural economy is just as important as hands-on skills or an entrepreneurial spirit, Introducing the Creative Industries shows you how to use theories, concepts and practical skills to get ahead in their course and professional life. Creatively imagined, this book:

  • interweaves theoretical concepts and professional practice on every page,
  • uses cultural economy to teach the essential concepts and thinkers,
  • integrates case studies from fashion and gaming to journalism and music, and
  • teaches strategies for navigating the links between skills, industries, creativity and markets.

As Angela Birchall, School of Media, Music and Performance, Salford University pointed out, what makes it particularly interesting is that it includes the view of the creative industries from the perspective of working in it, then the definitions of what products and producers are involved, and it ends with the broader picture of the creative economy and predictions for future trends. Add to this the inclusion of both theory and practice, and this really is an all-round guide to the vast domain that is loosely titled 'the creative industries'.