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The Fragile City and the Risk Nexus

By Charles Landry and Tom Burke, Gloucester, Comedia, 2014, 63 pages, ISBN 9781908777041

This is the fifth in a series of short publications encapsulating crucial issues shaping cities today. It brings together two disconnected conversations about the future of cities and the risks of climate change. One looks at what cities can do for themselves to secure their prospects and the stresses of explosive urban growth have stimulated an outburst of creativity to meet the challenges. On the other hand, powerful wider forces could undo their efforts. This involves the interaction between climate change and food, energy and water security, creating a nexus of risks threatening global economic and political stability.

National governments show little desire to preserve climate security and lack the legitimate authority to deal effectively with climate change. City leaders must now take a more prominent political role in insisting that governments act more forcefully. They must build on their strengths to innovate and integrate and play a larger political role in meeting the climate challenge.

If you would like to contact Charles Landry via Comedia please use the following details: Comedia, Bourne Green, Gloucester, GL6 7NL United Kingdom; tel.: +44-(0)1242-248-131; e-mail: enquiries@comedia.org.uk; www.charleslandry.com