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Global Communication

By Cees J Hamelink. University of Amsterdam / SAGE Publications Ltd, 2014, 296 pages, ISBN: 9781849204248

Global Communication explores the history, present and future of global communication, introducing and explaining the theories, stories and flows of information and media that affect us all. Based on his experience teaching generations of students to critically examine the world of communication around them, Cees Hamelink helps readers understand the thinkers, concepts and questions in this changing landscape. This book:

  • explores the cultural, economic, political and social dimensions and consequences of global communication;
  • introduces the key thinkers who have been inspirational to the field;
  • teaches you to master the art of asking critical questions;
  • takes you through concrete cases from UN summits to hot lines and cyber-surveillance;
  • boosts your essay skills with a guided tour of the literature, including helpful comments and recommendations of what to cite;
  • brings you directly into the classroom with a series of video lectures.

This book guides students and scholars through the complex terrain of global communication, helping them become a critically informed participant in the ever-changing communication landscape. It is essential reading for students of communication and media studies.

For details, please see www.uk.sagepub.com/booksProdDesc.nav?prodId=Book234369