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Managing Art Projects with Societal Impact. Study Book for Students, Stakeholders and Researchers

By MAPSI Project, Helsinki, 2016, 292 pages, ISBN: 978-952-329-027-3

The book Managing Art Projects with Societal Impact has been created within MAPSI project to increase the level of knowledge and competence of cultural managers who engage in managing and mediating art projects with societal impact. This book provides analysis of current practices, skills and competences need for successful interaction between art and society. It contains multiple cases and examples as well as theoretical perspectives and tools for managers to build up their knowledge, competences and skills to manage art projects with societal impact, merging three different viewpoints: the arts, management, and society.

The contents are divided into three parts. The first part considers the essence and different dimensions of the impacts of art projects, the surrounding political environment and ethical issues of managing art projects. The second part focuses on practical aspects of managing art projects with societal impact. The third and final part presents real-life cases from the arts in which project management, societal impact goals and artistic visions interact in practice. The examples presented in this book are from Spain, Finland, Germany, the UK, France, Switzerland and Estonia. This book is useful reading for people in different roles and positions - artists, managers and social workers - who each seek to make a difference in people's lives through their art projects.

The book is available online at: www.mapsi.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/MAPSI_Study_Book.pdf