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Superconnected: The Internet, Digital Media, and Techno-Social Life

By Mary Chayko, SAGE, London, 2016, 272 pages, ISBN-10: 1452268797, ISBN-13: 978-1452268798

The book brings together insights about digital technology and society from broad literature including sociology, communication, psychology, media, and technology studies. Individual chapters explore topics such as how digital technology helped to shape the modern information age; information sharing and surveillance; digital socialization and development of the self; digital inequalities; global impacts; and the impact of the internet and digital media across social institutions.

Superconnected: The Internet, Digital Media, and Techno-Social Life is an essential text for courses in all departments that examine how social life is affected when information and communication technology enter the picture. Also, it is a great choice for general readers interested in this never-ending topic about technological superconnectedness and the role of the internet and digital, social, and mobile media in people's lives.

For more information or to obtain the book, please visit: https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/eur/superconnected-the-internet-digital-media-and-techno-social-life/book239425