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Culture as a Vocation. Sociology of Career Choices in Cultural Management.

By Vincent Dubois, Routledge, Oxford, 2016, 146 pages, ISBN: 978-1-315-74402-5

Vincent Dubois's book focuses on the social space of would-be cultural managers, who play a crucial role in the contemporary cultural world. Researched in a bourdieusian framework, this book provides an insightful view on vocational occupations in the cultural sector. By identifying their social patterns, by revealing the resources, expectations and visions of the world they invest in their choice, it sheds new light on these occupations.

By exploring vocational attitudes towards occupations in the cultural field, this book addresses two questions: Which social factors are involved in making educational and occupational choices?; How do these individual choices reveal the adjustment of social reproduction strategies to the new realities of higher education and the employment markets in the neoliberal era? In these intermediary and indeterminate social positions, family heritages intersect with educational strategies, aspirations of upward mobility with tactics against downward mobility, and social critique with adjustment strategies. Ultimately, the study of career choices in cultural management suggests a new take on the analysis of social reproduction and on the embodiment of the new spirit of capitalism. The empirical findings of this research conducted in France are set in a broader comparative perspective, at the European level and with the USA.

Dubois' book is a must read for all those involved in education and training of cultural professionals, whether in academia or in centres for lifelong learning.

For more information or to obtain the book, please visit: https://www.routledge.com/Culture-as-a-Vocation-Sociology-of-career-choices-in-cultural-management/Dubois/p/book/9781138819986