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Culture, Cities and Identity in Europe

By Culture Action Europe and Agenda 21 for Culture - UCLG, European Economic and Social Committee - EU, 2016, 81 pages

In a European Union aiming to find structural responses to developments and challenges on political, social and economic levels, questions of culture, cities and identity hold key roles in finding solutions towards contemporary challenges. In view of numerous open questions and possible perspectives, the European Economic and Social Committee commissioned the study on Culture, Cities and Identity in Europe. The study addresses political decision makers, professionals in urban administration and planning, and cultural players alike, aiming to provide both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of findings highlighting culture, cities and identity in Europe. It also addresses those involved in the wider process of bringing democratic debate and governance to communities.

Culture is examined thematically in terms of its use as a vehicle for economic growth, a tool for reconverting cities, for integration and inclusiveness, and as a pillar of European identity. The study provides additional reflections and perspectives on each of these topics both individually as well as in a larger context. Lastly, it looks at the new narratives emerging from these issues and draws conclusions and practical recommendations as to the policies that could be useful in the coming years.

The publication is available online at www.agenda21culture.net/index.php/documents/key-issues