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The Libraries and Museums of Europe in Times of Change

By the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Resolution 2100 (2016), Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 4 March 2016

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe published the resolution The Libraries and Museums of Europe in Times of Change as a response to the growing importance of the knowledge economy in Europe, where libraries and museums act as a resource for human development and lifelong learning, serve as meeting place, and can be instrumental in creating jobs, attracting businesses and supporting the overall investment climate. The Parliamentary Assembly stresses the cultural, social and economic importance of libraries and museums, considering that the governments should protect libraries and museums for the benefit of future generations. The resolution focuses on smaller public institutions which play a crucial role in their local communities and are under pressure today to reduce their public service or even to close. The Assembly considers that public funding in this sector should be regarded as an investment that can generate return in the form of social benefits and economic growth. In a series of recommendations to the EU member states, the Assembly emphasized the importance to recognize the social, economic and cultural value of libraries and museums, support and fund their work financially and strategically by providing "sufficient autonomy to directly manage their staff and budget" and supporting their position as centres for digital education - including providing free internet access.

The complete resolution is available at: assembly.coe.int/nw/xml/XRef/Xref-XML2HTML-en.asp?fileid=22553&lang=en