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The INTA Initiative for Habitat III: Cities and Territories in Transformation - 2016

INTA, Paris, 2016, 44 pages

As part of the UN conference Habitat III on housing and sustainable development (held in Quito, Ecuador, on 17 - 20 October 2016), the International Urban Development Association (INTA) launched a bold initiative that consisted in gathering answers and explanations about urban development, its challenges and its actors. Hundreds of INTA members supported the initiative and gathered their knowledge to interrogate the next twenty-year urban agenda. The initiative defines answers to local and global issues by crossing territorial scales and intervention fields, and identifies the new territories issues, so as to determine principles for action for the new urban agenda. In order to contribute to the new urban agenda for the next twenty years, the report Cities and Territories in Transformation - 2016 offers the reader a clarification of the foreseen ruptures that are unavoidable challenges together with some proposals for action on key issues expecting the city of tomorrow, the city we want to build together, but also those that are already the challenges of the city we inhabit today.

French/English/Spanish versions of the report are available online at: www.inta-aivn.org/en/activities/exchange/roundtables/habitat-iii-en/report-contributions-h3