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Money Matters: The Economic Value of Museums

Published by NEMO - The Network of European Museum Organisations, Berlin, 2017, 52 pages, ISBN 978-3-9816628-6-3

Money Matters: The Economic Value of Museums, published by the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO), follows up on the organization's Annual Conference of the same name, held in November 2016. The articles introduce and discuss spill-over effects, innovative business models and cooperation strategies for museums and their economies. Museums are integrated into the economic world, but come with certain and unique specifics and layers. The publication looks from this standpoint and provides perspectives from the cultural and economic sector on value measurement, profitability, partnerships and cooperation, financial strategies and business models, and the various spill-over effects. The examples from different European countries presented in the report show the shared challenges and opportunities and serve as important reminders of the significant role that museums play in the process of cultural diversity and the free exchange of knowledge, thus inspiring creativity and innovation, as well as their influences on many different levels, i.e. in the tourism sector or urban and regional planning. In addition to introductions by several NEMO representatives (David Vuillaume, Margherita Sani, Dragos Neamu, Siebe Weide), the report includes contributions by Pier Luigi Sacco, Kimmo Levä, Christopher Kremer, Richard Naylor, Sharon Heal, Björn Stenvers, Jan Merk and Dorota Keller-Zalewska.

The publication is available at: www.ne-mo.org/fileadmin/Dateien/public/NEMo_documents/NEMOAC2016_EcoVal.pdf