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Multicultural Governance in a Mobile World

Edited by Anna Triandafyllidou, Edinburgh University Press, 2017, 322 pp.

Migration-related cultural diversity poses a number of highly pressing political and normative challenges for liberal democratic societies. This book explores what forms of migrant accommodation and multicultural citizenship we can envisage in the contemporary context of increased migration flows, where newcomers are often not given a settlement perspective. Can we go beyond a form of nationally imagined citizenship and integration model? And if we can, then what would the potential advantages be? Through both theoretical contributions and empirically-orientated analyses, this book provides insights into how theories and practices of multicultural citizenship and migrant integration are adapting and might adapt to the new, more dynamic but also more fluid patterns of international migration and mobility.

The book addresses heads-on the challenges that increased and diversified patterns of international migration and mobility pose to theories and practices of multicultural citizenship. The book brings together renowned sociologists of migration and transnationalism with the foremost theorists of multiculturalism and citizenship, and also introduces some of the most promising younger scholars working in these areas. It covers European, North American and Australian cases and dynamics, going beyond common regional limitations of discussions on international migration or multiculturalism. The texts are written in an accessible way, addressing a readership coming from different disciplines such as law, political science, sociology and political theory.

This book is multi-methodological in its approach, including both qualitative and quantitative, single-country and comparative chapters, and chapters reviewing secondary sources as well as chapters based on empirical data sets.

For more information, please visit: edinburgh.universitypressscholarship.com/view/10.3366/edinburgh/9781474428231.001.0001/upso-9781474428231