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Polish Culture Yearbook 2017

Edited by National Centre for Culture (NCC), Poland

The Polish Culture Yearbook 2017 describes the cultural reality in Poland. Its content, index of partner institutions and thematic structure all reflect the multi-dimensional aspect of activities carried out in the sphere of culture and national heritage. The inspiration for the selection of texts were studies conducted and activities undertaken that provide a coherent picture of the exploration of both local cultures and national culture. The key task and challenge for the National Centre for Culture, Poland, is the inclusion of culturally important themes in the public discourse.

Therefore, the structure of the Polish Culture Yearbook is a voice in the national and the European debate on the challenges for cultural policy. The National Centre for Culture, through building and participating in cultural discourse, is obliged to evaluate the ongoing debate from several perspectives: cognitive-framework, socio-national and praxiological. Thus, the description of the domains of culture and national heritage contains reports on national archives, libraries, centres of culture, cinematography, museums, theatres and music institutions, publishing production, the book market, art education, dance and heritage monuments.

The Polish Culture Yearbook 2017 can be downloaded for free from https://nck.pl/en/news/polish-culture-yearbook-2017

For more information, please contact: Natalia Szeligowska, e-mail: nszeligowska@nck.pl