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Understanding Cultural Policy

By Carole Rosenstein, Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2018, 272 pages, ISBN: 9781138695351

Understanding Cultural Policy by Carole Rosenstein provides a practical, comprehensive introduction to thinking about how and why governments intervene in the arts and culture. This book is a new and valuable resource for all students of cultural policy, cultural administration, and arts management. Cultural policy expert Carole Rosenstein examines the field through comparative, historical and administrative lenses, while engaging directly with the issues and tensions that plague policy-makers across the world, including issues of censorship, culture-led development, cultural measurement and globalization. Several of the textbook's chapters end with a 'policy lab', designed to help students tie theory and concepts to real world, practical applications.

Carole Rosenstein is an associate professor of Arts Management at the George Mason University, USA. Her research focuses on cultural policy, cultural democracy, diversity and equity, and the social life of the arts and culture.

For more information or to obtain the book, please visit: https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Cultural-Policy-Carole-Rosenstein-ebook/dp/B07BBT2K5Q