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Making Culture: Commercialisation, Transnationalism, and the State of 'Nationing' in Contemporary Australia

Edited by David Rowe, Graeme Turner, Emma Waterton, Routledge, 2018, 172 pages, ISBN: 9781351603447

The book Making Culture provides an in-depth discussion of Australia's relationship between the building of a national cultural identity - or 'nationing' - and the country's cultural production and consumption. Editors David Rowe, Graeme Turner, Emma Waterton and their contributors have conducted exceptional research in tracing the commodification of Australian cultural policy over the last quarter of a century. Their point of departure, the Federal Government's Creative Nation document, appeared in 1994. It forwarded a vision of the good life that was connected to commerce, but not limited to or by it - mammon was just one influence.

With the Creative Nation national cultural policy as a starting point for many of the essays included in this collection, the book investigates transformations within Australia's various cultural fields, exploring the implications of 'nationing' and the gradual movement away from it. Underlying these analyses are the key questions and contradictions confronting any modern nation-state that seeks to develop and defend a national culture while embracing the transnational and the global.

Including topics such as publishing, sport, music, tourism, art, Indigeneity, television, heritage and the influence of digital technology and output, Making Culture is an essential volume for students and scholars within Australian and Cultural studies.

For more information or to obtain the book, please visit: https://www.routledge.com/Making-Culture-Commercialisation-Transnationalism-and-the-State-of-Nationing/Rowe-Turner-Waterton/p/book/9781138094123