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Culturelink Resource Centre selected Croatian nominee for e-culture category of the World Summit Award, recognizing best practice examples in e-content and creativity

Culturelink Nomination in E-Culture Category

Within the framework of the World Summit Award (WSA) project, an initiative by the European Academy of Digital Media and the International Center for New Media, in a nation-wide preselection contest a high-level jury of eminent national experts has selected the Culturelink World Wide Web Resource Centre from among the best practice e-content and creativity products in the category of e-culture in Croatia, to be nominated to the World Summit Award Grand Jury meeting in Dubai on 17-21 October 2003. Products elected by the Jury will be presented in Geneva at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) on 9-13 December 2003 and at the WSA Showcase Event on 10 December.

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About WSA

The World Summit Award is a three year global project, which will be held in the framework of and in cooperation with the World Summit on the Information Society 2003-2005. It seeks to demonstrate the benefits of information society in terms of new qualities in contents and applications, by selecting, presenting and promoting the best products from 136 participating countries with a special emphasis put on bridging the digital divide. The overall process consists of the following five phases:

  • The World's Best in e-Content and Creativity - selection of best practice examples in high quality content and innovative applications by the leading nationally nominated experts proposed by United Nations member states; 2003.
  • World Summit Content Villages and 2003 Showcase Event - demonstration and showcasing of the best practice examples in world’s high quality content and innovative applications from up to 191 United Nations member states; Geneva 2003, in the framework of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).
  • The World’s Best Content Road Show - six major showcasing events, each in one of the world regions, presenting the world’s best in e-content creation and innovative applications, organized in close cooperation with the World Summit Award key partners on all continents; throughout 2004.
  • World Summit Contest for e-Content and Creativity - world-wide contest for e-Content and creativity, open to all producers and companies without discrimination in terms of language, technological platform or nationality of submitters; products to be submitted in 8 categories; 2004 – 2005 world-wide.
  • World Summit Award GALA and Content Villages - unique global event, announcing and celebrating the World Summit Award Winners, focusing on excellence and creative achievements and bringing to the World Summit ’05 the world’s leading producers and designers of e-contents to meet with leaders of state, civil society and business; Tunisia 2005.

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