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The site offers basic and advanced navigation and content retrieval mechanisms. It has been optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, and is best viewed in a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels.

Menu Bars

The top menu bar indicates your current position within the Culturelink Network Web site and gives access to the parent information units, while the bottom menu bar provides convenient access to the main information sections, and links back to the previously viewed page and the site home page.

The principal sections are also linked from the main navigation menu in the left-hand margin, offering direct access to information about the network itself, informing about recent activities and announcing upcoming events, publishing news about current research projects and providing access to online Culturelink databases and publications.

The right-hand menu links to the support pages, offering user help, advanced search mechanisms and other service information.

On most pages, links in the shaded box below the page title will lead both to headings lower on the current page and to further related information on separate pages.

Site Map

To give insight into the site structure and speed up navigation to a specific topic, the site map offers a linked overview of the content structure of the entire site.


A search mechanism is set up to facilitate content retieval by searching for specific words or expressions either over the entire site or only through the pages of certain information sections.

The basic search mechanism, available from the top of each page, covers the documents of the overall site, while the advanced search form allows the specification of certain search criteria, including the selection of specific data collections, word or phrase matching and document dating.


The download section offers access to the browser and reader software tools facilitating the display of all Culturelink Network Web site contents.

Linking to Culturelink

As the Culturelink Network Web site does not make use of frames (except in the Comparative Study Menu of the Cultural Policy Database and in the Members and Partners Database), its pages may be linked to or bookmarked directly. For any other acceptable use of the site contents, please see the copyright notice.


Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at Culturelink@irmo.hr.

In order to further develop and improve our online services, we appreciate any suggestions you might have.