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Asia-Pacific Regional Centre (APRCCN)


First Culturelink Regional Centre Opens

UNESCO and the Council of Europe co-founded the Network of Networks for Research and Cooperation in Cultural Development, the Culturelink Network, in 1989. The main purpose of the Network is to facilitate reliable and quick exchange of information among cultural and research institutions all over the world and to stimulate their ever-growing and increasingly intensive cooperation. The Network is headquartered at the Institute for Development and International Relations, in Zagreb.

The Network started with 25 members. Today it has more than 1,000 members on all the continents. Its activities in various domains, such as research, data bases on cultural development, publishing, etc., have been constantly growing. The Network itself was acknowledged as an activity of the World Decade for Cultural Development (1988-1997).

The First World Culturelink Conference, held in Zagreb in June 1995, recommended the establishment of Culturelink regional centres: "The further development and strengthening of communication requires that regional centres for Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe should be established. These are the regions in which a faster and more effective dissemination of information on cultures and cultural development is needed."

It is our great pleasure now to announce the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Regional Centre of the Culturelink Network - APRCCN as an integral part of the Culturelink Network of Networks. The initiative for this venture came from the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, which offered to host the headquarters of the regional centre.

The APRCCN will stimulate a growing membership of Asian-Pacific institutions in the Culturelink Network and make possible a more realistic representation of the regional cultures. It will develop and strengthen the dissemination of cultural information and intensify international and intercultural communication on a subregional and regional, as well as on the international level.

The APRCCN will follow the main Culturelink activities (research projects, development of data bases, publishing, seminars and conferences), but it is also free to take an initiative and introduce new and innovative activities. We are convinced that the APRCCN team will do so and thus enrich the operation of the Network as a whole.

The establishment of the Asia-Pacific Regional Centre of the Culturelink Network marks the beginning of a new phase in the life of the Culturelink Network and offers to all its members new possibilities to communicate and cooperate. In a world which is searching for tolerance and cooperation, this is a very valuable development indeed.

The Culturelink team wishes the Asia-Pacific Regional Centre a good start, successful work and a lot of cooperation.


Asia-Pacific Regional Centre of the Culturelink Network
Korean National Commission for UNESCO
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