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Initiative for Culture, Regional Development and EU Regional Funding

A new funding-related organization! An initiative for culture, regional development and EU regional funding! InfoRelais is a new, independent Austrian organization in the context of EU funding of regional cultural projects. It serves as a new contact point where the Austrian cultural sector can obtain all relevant information regarding the financing of regional cultural projects with EU Structural Funds.

A central aim of InfoRelais is to provide information for the Austrian cultural sector concerning the European Regional Policy. Collections of 'best practices' aim to help establish contacts with successful projects and benefit from their experience.

It operates as a consulting organization, helping to establish first contacts with the desired institutions and/or individuals.

The establishment of a Europe-wide network of people and organizations working in the context of 'culture, regional development and EU Structural Funds' is planned, as is also an Austria-wide network of organizations in charge of information about EU funding to improve services and information for people working in the cultural sector in Austria.

For more information, please contact: InfoRelais, Ms. Sylvia Amann, c/o Bruckmühle Pregarten Zentrum für Kultur- und Regionalentwicklung, Bahnhofstrasse 12, A-4230 Pregarten, Austria, tel.: +43/7236/24 54 54; fax: +43/7235/505 504; e-mail: office@inforelais.org; http://www.inforelais.org

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Intercultural Education in the European Union
Local, Regional and Interregional Activities

Examples of Good Practice
European Union, Committee of the Regions, Brussels, 1999, 51 pp., ISBN 92-828-7596-2

Intercultural Education in the European Union: Local, regional and interregional activities is a study produced by the European Union Committee of the Regions, offering a compilation and analysis of specific actions (projects, programmes, partnerships, networks, policies, ...) at local, regional and interregional levels in the field of intercultural education, in order to disseminate best practice and promote the exchange of ideas, experience and expertise among the Member States of the European Union.

The study focuses on actions concerning:

  • Language learning in a multicultural society;
  • Integration of immigrants and people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds;
  • Combatting racism and xenophobia;
  • Promotion of an intercultural approach within education and training systems;
  • The intercultural dimension of training and access to the labour market.

The purpose of the study is to highlight a selective number of innovative examples rather than presenting a representative survey of all relevant projects in the field across the Member States.

To obtain the study, please contact: EU Committee of the Regions, Rue Belliard 79, 1040 Brussels, Belgium, tel.: +32 2 282 22 11; fax: +32 2 282 23 25.