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European Year of Languages 2001

Call for Proposals

As many of you will already be aware, next year will be the European Year of Languages (See Culturelink no. 30/April 2000, p. 65.). The EU is organising a Europe-wide information campaign and has issued a call for proposals with regard to projects originating in the Member States. The Commission will contribute 50 per cent of the total costs of successful projects, of which - as anticipated - there will be about 150.

The overall objectives of the Year of Languages are to raise awareness of linguistic diversity, to encourage multilingualism, to promote language learning, to encourage lifelong learning, and to collect and disseminate information about language teaching and learning. Project proposals should promote these objectives - an example would be celebrating linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe through artistic events and cultural activities with a linguistic dimension.

The deadline for proposal is 15 February 2001 for projects beginning after 1 June 2001.

Full application details can be obtained at http://www.europa.eu.int/comm/education/languages/actions/year2001.html or by contacting your national co-ordinating body for the Year of Languages.