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Editorial Note

Culturelink review, no.33/April 2001 - contents - imprint - archive


The beginning of the year 2001 was very productive for the Culturelink team. In the first three months, the Network published the proceedings of the international course on Redefining Cultural Identities, which was organized last year by Culturelink/IMO and held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and which met with great interest world-wide. Further, the Special Issue 2000 appeared, realized in cooperation between Culturelink, the Creative Exchange (coordinator Helen Gould) and the Stichting CompArt (coordinator Kees Epskamp) and devoted to the always challenging theme of Culture and Development. Finally, you have now before you the first regular issue of the Culturelink review in 2001.

This issue opens with a presentation of the recent changes and advanced features implemented at the Culturelink World Wide Web Resource Centre. In order to improve the clarity and usability of its information resources, Culturelink has graphically redesigned its WWW Resource Centre and restructured the content layout. Advanced navigation and content retrieval mechanisms have been set up, based on menu bars and a search engine. This innovation will facilitate content retrieval by searching for specific words or expressions either over the entire site or only through the pages of certain grouped information sections.

As usual, this issue carries rich networking news, especially concerning the work of national arts councils world-wide which have founded a new network - an international federation aimed at undertaking practical as well as strategic measures for the support of the arts and culture. This poses significant developmental tasks before the federation. Also of interest are the research programmes of a number of organizations, such as ICAT, Costa Rica, and ICADM, South Africa, which offer good practical examples of the Culture and Development theme discussed in the Special Issue 2000.

Numerous cultural meetings and conferences will be held in 2001/2002, especially on the topic of globalization and pluralism. This theme is also tackled in our Dossier, devoted to the conferences organized by CIRCLE. This Dossier is a continuation of the fruitful cooperation between Culturelink and CIRCLE, and the Culturelink team wishes to thank CIRCLE, and especially the authors of the articles, for their valuable contributions which shed light from different angles on the question of social cohesion - culture - civil society.

Biserka Cvjetičanin