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European Union

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The European Union Culture 2000 Programme
in Support of Culture

Culture 2000 is a Community programme established for a period of five years (2000-2004), with a total budget of 167 million EUR. This financial instrument will grant support for cultural co-operation projects in all artistic and cultural sectors (performing arts, visual and plastic arts, literature, heritage, cultural history, etc). The objectives of the programme are the promotion of the common cultural area characterised by cultural diversity and a common cultural heritage. Culture 2000 seeks to encourage creativity and mobility, public access to culture, the dissemination of art and culture, inter-cultural dialogue, and knowledge of the history of the peoples of Europe. The programme also views culture as playing a role in social integration and socio-economic development.

The call for the Culture 2000 programme for the year 2001 announced in January, as well as the application forms, can be obtained on the Europa server on the Internet at the following address: http://europa.eu.int/comm/culture/index_en.html

Applications must be sent to the above address:

  • by the deadline of 4 April 2001 at the latest for all projects except cooperation agreement projects (by reference to the postmark or delivery company stamp),
  • by the deadline of 15 May 2001 at the latest for cooperation agreement projects (by reference to the postmark or delivery company stamp).

More information can, if necessary, be obtained from the Culture contact points in the EU Member States and in the EEA/EFTA countries, the Offices of the European Commission in the Member States, the delegations of the European Union in the EEA/EFTA countries and in the 10 applicant countries, or from the 'Development of cultural policy - Culture 2000 programme' unit at the following address:

European Commission, Policy development in the cultural sphere - Culture 2000, Framework Programme, Rue Belliard 1000, Bureau 5/21, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium.

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e-Mobility 2001, EU - Information Society Conference

Göteborg/Sweden, 31 May - 1 June 2001

The aim of the conference is to bring greater awareness among concerned public and private bodies on the policy, industrial and research role for the development and up-take of e-mobility in Europe; to address socio-economic consequences of a wide adoption of e-mobility; to forecast and demonstrate technologies underpinning e-mobility.

The conference will examine how "e-mobility" is likely to impact upon European society and its constituencies. In particular, it will bring together multiple perspectives on e-mobility and its potential consequences for sustainability in its widest sense (economic, social, cultural and environmental). In this way, the conference will help to stimulate a European-wide debate on the future shape of a truly European information society.

This high-level conference will adopt a declaration addressed to the EU Heads of State Summit, Göteborg, on the development of information society policy in general and research policy in particular. The conference results will, moreover, provide input to the development of research agendas within the Fifth and Sixth Framework Research Programme of the European Commission.

To obtain more information regarding registration or the conference programme, please contact: BRG, Business Region Göteborg AB, Mr. Leif Norlin, Norra Hamngatan 14, 411 14 Göteborg, Sweden, tel.: +46 (0)31 7013225; fax.: +46 (0)31 7013229; e-mail: leif.norlin@brg.goteborg.se; http://www.e-mobility2001.org