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Networking in Progress

Culturelink review, no.35/November 2001 - contents - imprint - archive

The Network of Cultural Promoters of Latin America and the Caribbean - LA RED

Origin and Objectives

The Network of Cultural Promoters of Latin America and the Caribbean - LA RED is a nonprofit organization, created in 1991 at its first meeting in Parati (Brazil), sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, with the objective of generating momentum for group work in the ranks of contemporary dance, theatre and music producers in Latin America and the Caribbean that would contribute to breaking down the traditional cultural isolation that exists in the region. The initial group of founders of LA RED consisted of representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru.

LA RED has the following main purposes:

  • To create an alternating and integrating website of independent producers of dance, theatre and music which might help to break down the geographic and cultural isolation of the region.
  • To facilitate the circulation of products, cultural goods and services among the member countries.
  • To appreciate and promote the work of artists from the region by means of economic support for the production activities and presentation of local creations.
  • To stimulate the development of training actions and professional interchange among the countries of the region and between them and the rest of the world.
  • To strengthen the cultural integration of the region by means of reinforcement of the relations among the scenic arts protagonists of the region, promoting the adherence of new countries and the creation of national and regional networks of contemporary art producers.
  • To spread, register and document the products of the artistic community in the regions.


LA RED consists of 27 nuclei (groups or independent producers of 22 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean: Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Martinique, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, and Venezuela). The nuclei constitute its base of members, its General Assembly and primary decision-making body. The nuclei are grouped by regions: Caribbean, Central (Mexico and Central America), Andean and South. The organization also includes associated members, whose mechanism of affiliation is open to the cultural promoters having an interest in Latin America and/or the Caribbean.


In keeping with its main purpose of promoting cultural interchange among the countries of the region, LA RED has initiated a circulation process of diverse artistic events among the countries of the region:

  • Tours of Artists and Artistic Groups of Latin America and the Caribbean: Each year, all the nuclei receive grants to circulate music, dance, theatre and works by contemporary artists. This stimulates the visibility and circulation of artists throughout the region and their international recognition.
  • Co-Production of Events and Performances: One of the nuclei invites an artist to develop a joint project.
  • Workshops and Professional Development: One of the nuclei selects and invites renowned specialists in the artistic, academic and administrative areas. These specialists direct workshops, lectures, seminars, residence and/or courses to train, assess and consolidate the local and/or regional artistic community.

The immediate challenge of LA RED is to channel all of these efforts towards the consolidation of a strong Latin American and Caribbean cultural movement in contemporary scenic arts.

  • La Red Fund. A fund of a competitive nature has been established to promote and support development projects of the scenic and musical arts of Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Latin American Cultural Market. It is a festival for dialogue, the building of new bridges, opportunities and contacts among artists, representatives, producers, cultural promoters, cultural enterprises. It seeks to support the creation of managerial initiatives in the environment of the arts and culture by participating in the different stages of development and the actual takeoff of the managerial initiatives through technical assistance, training and strengthening of the values incorporated in cultural work.
  • Specialized Website. A site on the web intended to offer information about the world of culture and the scenic and musical arts in Latin America and the Caribbean, thus extending the possibilities for the distribution of cultural goods and services and offering the artists and managers an opportunity for new ways of diffusion, interchange and connections with world markets.

For more information, please contact: Presidency, Colombia, Octavio Arbeláez Tobón, Oc Marketing Cultural, Calle 63 # 24-24, Manizales, Colombia, tel.: (57-6) 8853853 / (57-6) 8861563; fax: (57-6) 8853860; e-mail: presidencia@redlat.org; http://www.redlat.org/Ingles/la_red.htm

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UBUNTU: World Forum of Networks

A group of representatives of non-governmental organisations from different sectors of international civil society was called together by the former UNESCO Director-General, Federico Mayor, President of the Foundation for the Culture of Peace, to explore the possibilities of setting up a cross-organisational platform, a Network of Networks, to facilitate exchange of information, concerted action and joint initiatives on issues of vital global concern.

The main objective of UBUNTU is to unite and federate efforts, to build bridges of dialogue and communication amongst national and international institutions which are focused on promoting peace, endogenous development, dignity and human rights. NGO's, together with academic, artistic, professional and humanitarian institutions, should coordinate their efforts to defend these basic principles. This would shape a debate that is favourable to all parties, which, well oriented and united, could play an important role on the worldwide scene. UBUNTU is intended as a network of networks, an organisation of organisations, where, united yet diverse, these actors can jointly weave structures and forums of opinion aimed at promoting the principles and values which sustain democratic life and thus attain real human development on a worldwide scale, in harmony with nature and cultural diversity.

More information can be found on the website: http://www.ubuntu.upc.es

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The World Culture Network

Culture, Ethics and World Peace

The World Culture Network is an international arts and entertainment organization that is being formed to address presentday cultural, ethical and social problems. It will be composed of autonomous Neighbourhood Performance Units that will be placed in virtually all of the major art and entertainment centres around the world. These Neighbourhood Performance Units will then be unified through the international organization to give them all an extra measure of strength in pursuing their community goals. In time, the Network will also provide an international platform from which cultural, ethical and world peace issues on the global level can be addressed.


  • To preserve, develop and promote socially responsible art and entertainment on both the neighbourhood and global levels.
  • To stimulate a worldwide artistic and philosophical renaissance.
  • To develop innovative economic and social programmes on the neighbourhood level.
  • To develop a common-ground ethics system designed specifically for use in the secular media.
  • To promote non-political world unity.
  • To create and promote programmes that are relevant to the world as it stands after the events that occurred in New York City on 11 September 2001.

For more information, please contact: Richard Robson Fleming, The World Culture Network, 1000 Bourbon Street #233, New Orleans, LA 70116, USA; tel.: (504) 524-6280; e-mail: richflem@bellsouth.net; http://www.worldunityproject.com

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Asia Arts Net (AAN)

Formed in 1997 in Hong Kong as a private body by several arts organizations in Asia, the Asia Arts Net (AAN) was officially established during the Asian Performing Artists Forum in Okinawa in August 1998 by representatives from nine Asian cities. In 1999, the AAN was officially registered in Hong Kong as a non-profit organization with representatives of established Asian arts organizations with at least 10-year long history. The present AAN committee consists of artistic directors of arts institutions from fourteen cities in Asia, including Bangkok, Beijing, Fukuoka, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Macau, Okinawa, Seoul, Shenzhen, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo. Further Asian cities are welcome to join the AAN as members.

With the growing demand for frequent collaboration and exchange among cities in the Asian region, the AAN aims to carry out such activities in a more systematic manner, developing multi-lateral, city-based and cross-disciplinary art and cultural exchange activities globally.

The organization's objectives are the following:

  • to encourage aesthetic and cultural development in Asia,
  • to support dialogue on art and culture among member cities by organizing conferences and cultural programmes, and conducting research projects on cultural and arts policy, and
  • to develop a long-term cultural exchange programme between Asia and the rest of the world in view of the imminent significance of Asia on the world's cultural map.

The future plans foresee the establishment of databases focusing on -

  • traditional and contemporary arts,
  • arts education and arts criticism,
  • marketing Asian arts in the world, and
  • the role of the government and private sectors in the development of the arts.

For more information, please contact: Asia Arts Net, 15 Hawthorn Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong; tel.: (852) 2893 8704; fax: (852) 2838 7527; e-mail: asiaartsnet@yahoo.com; http://www.asiaartsnet.org

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Zuni Icosahedron

Zuni Icosahedron, founded in 1982, is an independent cultural collective which plays a vital role in developing new frontiers for the cultural scene in Hong Kong and abroad. This non-governmental organization has produced more than 90 original productions of alternative theatre and multimedia performances, and has been active in video, sound experimentation and installation arts, as well as in arts education, arts criticism, arts policy research, and international cultural exchange.

In recent years, as the primary force in the advocacy and development of Hong Kong's international cultural exchange programme, Zuni established cross-cultural, cross-media and cross-discipline projects with partners from Beijing, Tokyo, Taipei, New York, London, Munich, Berlin, Copenhagen and Brussels. Zuni has also initiated two network organizations - the City-to-City Forum on Cultural Exchange and the Asia Arts Net. (See p. 11 in this issue.)

Zuni has been a pioneer in organizing public forums, various conferences and studies on Hong Kong's cultural policy, as well as community groups on culture, arts and the media. The Zuni education unit has been set up to organize various art-in-education activities, including workshops, talks, lectures, post performance discussions, demonstrations, performances and exhibitions, aiming to introduce various aspects of emerging art forms in order to help nurture local artists, audiences and critics. Since 1996, Zuni is the organizer of the Youth Experimental Art Festival to help develop a platform for the younger generations to perform, develop, experiment and discuss.

For further information, please contact: Zuni Icosahedron, Rear Part, 15 Hawthorn Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, tel.: (852) 2893 8704; fax: (852) 2838 7527; e-mail: zuni@vol.net; http://www.zuni.org.hk

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The Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture

The Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture (HKICC) is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded in 1996 as a community-initiated and voluntary organization aiming to promote culture by organizing international cultural exchange and cooperation, creative education and cultural research. The institute's mission is the following:

  • to promote cultural exchange between Hong Kong, as a gateway to mainland China, and the rest of the world,
  • to carry out cultural research and development programmes,
  • to advocate cultural pluralism,
  • to serve as a centre of interaction and debate between artists, administrators, policy makers and the public, and
  • to organize alternative educational programmes, workshops and seminars for the development of creative industries, arts and culture.

The programmes planned and implemented by the HKICC nurture creativity among new generations and build a long-term interactive dialogue, mainly on contemporary arts and culture related topics. To advocate free cross-cultural exchange, a city-to-city cultural forum approach is emphasized as the main programming thrust, at the same time promoting cross-disciplinary dialogue through other creative educational programmes.

For more information, please contact: Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture (HKICC), 15 Hawthorn Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, tel.: (852) 2893 8704; fax: (852) 2838 7527; e-mail: hkicc@hotmail.com

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The Conference of Asian Foundations and Organizations (CAFO)

The Conference of Asian Foundations and Organizations (CAFO) is a network of grant-making and operating foundations, implementing and intermediary organizations, research institutions and individuals from eleven countries in Asia. CAFO was founded in 1996 by a group of civil society professionals seeking new models for collaborative action among like-minded organizations across the continent.

CAFO's mission is -

  • to promote multilateral dialogue and sharing of information, learning and expertise,
  • to forge alliances to address common problems and propose regional solutions,
  • to pursue joint advocacy efforts and explore other modalities of collaboration, and
  • to contribute to the formulation of alternative models of sustainable development in Asia.

Expanding opportunities for dialogue and partnership, CAFO's programmes focus on three thematic groups, relating to environment and sustainable development issues, cultural cooperation and exchange, and civil society. The programmes are conducted through research activities, advocacy, internships and seminars.

For more information, please contact: CAFO Secretariat, Philippine Business for Social Progress, Magallanes corner Real Streets, Intramuros, Manila 1002, Philippines, tel.: (63 2) 527-7741 loc. 104/103; fax: (63 2) 527-3750; e-mail: cafosecretariat@egroups.com

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Artspages International

Artspages International represents a strategic partnership with 300,000 rights owners and some of the worlds leading providers of new Internet technologies. Its ownership structure ensures that Artspages is the service in which artists have the decisive voice. Since 1988, the Artspages team has worked to secure efficient services for the global arts community and to connect directly to users, regardless of language and location. Artspages International AS has explored new media services and technologies for the benefit of artists and their representatives.

Artspages offers strong marketing and brokering services:

  • Value-added services by means of the Human Language Technology (HLT), the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), as well as the Data Encoding and Content Analysis, will make possible a push to individual targets across language barriers;
  • Multi-lingual access in 10 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Italian and Russian;
  • Innovative cross-publishing features and hands-free solutions explored with R&D partners;
  • Global personalised and localised notification service to individual consumers;
  • Tools for online licensing of productions for re-use in film, TV and multimedia;
  • Tools for accessing demographic statistics and data for market intelligence.

It represents a global movement for a better future of artists:

  • Partnership with the largest network of creative artists in the world;
  • Partnership with the largest network of managers, agents and high-profiled performing artists in the world;
  • Partnership with more than 3,000 independent record producers in Europe, Latin America and China;
  • Partnership with collecting societies in Europe, Africa, Latin America and China;
  • Partnership with arts organisations and cultural policy makers advising the world's culture ministers.

For further information, please contact: e-mail: info@artspages.org; http://www.artspages.org

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A new on-line information service by Euclid International

EUCLID International's website EUREKA provides comprehensive European and international news, information and analysis for the arts and cultural sector. EUCLID has recently lunched the new on-line service called CultureMatch that allows easy searching and submitting of information related to grants, residencies, cultural cooperation opportunities, networks, publications, events, etc. The areas covered include performing and visual arts, literature, museums and heritage, as well as audiovisual and media industries. The system allows searching by multiple criteria for each type of entry, such as cultural areas, themes and geographical criteria, as well as easy adding of new information or amending the existing information. Users are invited to use/search the database as well as to submit details on cultural resources they have.

For more information, please contact: EUCLID International, 1st Floor, 46-48 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5SD, United Kingdom, tel.: ++44 (0)151 709 2564; fax: ++44 (0)151 709 8647; e-mail: culturematch@euclid.co.uk or info@euclid.co.uk; http://www.euclid.co.uk/culturematch

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The European League of Institutes of the Arts - ELIA

The European League of Institutes of the Arts - ELIA is an independent organization of approximately 370 major arts education and training institutions representing the subject disciplines of Architecture, Dance, Design, Media Arts, Fine Arts, Music and Theatre from 46 countries. It was established in Amsterdam in 1990 to bring together deans, directors, administrators, artists, teachers and students in the arts in Europe.

The main aims of ELIA are to promote arts education in Europe, to represent the interests of arts education institutions, and to advise national, international and supranational institutions concerned with international cooperation in the field of education in the arts. The main activities include organizing biennial conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops for students and teachers, publishing, and research in arts education.

ELIA is celebrating its eleventh year of existence this year, which is an opportunity to remind ourselves of some of its achievements and activities to date:

  • The membership of ELIA grew from 165 institutions in 1991 to 371 institutions in 2001.
  • Numerous conferences, symposia and seminars on hot issues in arts education have been organized. The next biennial conference will take place in Dublin in October 2002.
  • Various research projects have been initiated (Employability Skills for Arts Graduates; Gender Equality within Higher Arts Education and the Cultural Sector).
  • ELIA represents European Higher Arts Education in the process of implementation of the Bologna Declaration.
  • The Panorama Athens (1997) and Panorama London (2000) workshops brought together arts students from different cultural backgrounds in order to develop a joint artistic concept of their view of the city.
  • The magazine InterELIA has evolved into a refereed academic journal: The European Journal of Arts Education.
  • The ELIA website has developed into an important tool for organization.
  • The ELIA newsletter, founded in 1990, has more than 1000 subscribers, who receive current news and information.
  • ELIA is a Voice for Arts and Education in Europe.

To celebrate the anniversary of ELIA, two volumes have been produced: Imagination and Diversity: ELIA 1990-2000, telling the story of ELIA, and Traveller, there is no path, the path forms itself through walking: ELIA 2000-2010, looking into the future, one that still remains to be written.

For more information or to obtain the publications, please contact: ELIA, Waterlooplein 219, 1011 PG Amsterdam, The Netherlands, tel.: +31 20 620 3936; fax: +31 20 620 5616; e-mail: elia@elia.ahk.nl; http://www.elia.ahk.nl

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Princeton University Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies

The Princeton University Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies was created to improve the clarity, accuracy and sophistication of discourse about the nation's artistic and cultural life. Its programmes and activities are designed to create an infrastructure of well-trained scholars who have access to regularly collected information about cultural organizations, activities and providers and who produce timely research and analysis on key topics in arts and cultural policy.

Please visit the website at http://www.princeton.edu/~artspol