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European Union

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Europe and the Culture Portal

The Europe and Culture Portal was launched at an informal Council meeting of European ministers of culture in Salamanca, Spain, March 2002. The portal is described as a simple online information tool in five languages (FR, EN, DE, IT, ES) designed for anyone interested in European Union actions in the cultural field. The European Union provides considerable support for cultural activities. Through its various DG's and this portal it attempts to bring this diverse activity under one website. The Europe and culture portal is designed to help anyone interested in the arts, education, research, the public sector, or any other aspect of culture and Europe, to find their way around these different EU actions. The portal offers limited information on cultural activities - music, dance, the restoration of historic buildings etc. - and on the various EU actions such as cultural cooperation, regulations, funding for culture, and international relations.

Judge for yourself at: http://europa.eu.int/comm/culture

Further information is available from: Alain Dumort, Head of Communication, European Commission - Directorate-General for Education and Culture: tel.: +32 2 295 38 49 (direct line); fax: +32 2 296 73 58

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Culture 2000

European Community Programme

The new call for Culture 2000, for projects starting in 2003, was announced in June 2002. Under the call for projects beginning in 2003, the deadline for the submission of applications for Community funding for annual projects is 15 October 2002; for multi-annual projects the deadline is 31 October 2002.

Culture 2000 invites cultural operators to submit proposals for either 1-year or 2-3-year projects. The special focus in this call will be on the performing arts, but submissions are also invited in the visual arts, in cultural heritage, and in books/reading (mainly translations).

Projects must be uniquely European and must be developed and implemented by a partnership of organisations from at least 3 European countries: the 15 EU member states, plus Norway and Iceland, plus 10 of the 'accession' countries of Central and Eastern Europe. According to the EUCLID information, it is also likely that Malta and Cyprus may be able to participate in this call.

All applications must be duly completed and signed before being sent, in 2 copies, to the Commission, by

  • 15 October 2002 for annual projects
  • 31 October 2002 for multi-annual co-operation projects

to the following address: European Commission, Policy development in the cultural sphere - Programme Culture 2000, B-100 - Bureau 6/41, B - 1049 Bruxelles, Belgium.

For more information, please visit the web site: http://europa.eu.int/comm/culture/index_en.htm