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Council of Europe

Culturelink review, no.39/April 2003 - contents - imprint - archive

The Online Compendium of Cultural Policies Updated

The online cultural policy resource Cultural Policies in Europe: A Compendium of Basic Facts and Trends, a joint project of the Council of Europe and ERICarts, realised with a network of national partners, has recently been updated. This project is an expanding Europe-wide information system on cultural policy measures and instruments.

At the website www.culturalpolicies.net, a number of new and updated versions of the national cultural policy profiles are presented, realised in cooperation with the networks of national partners. The data are now available on 28 European countries. It is a compact, comparative and downloadable database that serves its main purpose - that of providing an expanding Europe-wide information system on cultural policy measures and instruments.

Designed as a reference work for cultural researchers, policy makers, administrators, cultural workers at international organisations, associations or networks, students, artists and journalists, each cultural policy profile offers a systematic approach to the following main thematic chapters:

  • Historical perspective: cultural policies and instruments
  • Competence, decision-making and administration
  • Cultural policy, general objectives and principles
  • Current issues in cultural policy development and debate
  • Main legal provisions in the cultural field
  • Financing of culture
  • Cultural institutions and new partnerships
  • Support for creativity and participation
  • Sources and links
  • Interactive comparative view

The Compendium of Country Profiles database offers concise insights into the historical or administrative context, the legal framework, or current trends, facts, figures, strategies and meaningful examples on specific cultural policy matters in different European countries. Most of the profiles published so far are in English, while two of them appear in French. All profiles may be downloaded in the PDF format.

For further information, please contact: The Council of Europe, Cultural Policies Research and Development Unit / DG IV, F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex, France; e-mail: decsrdu@coe.int; http://www.coe.int, or
ERICarts, Dahlmannstr. 26, D- 53113 Bonn, Germany; e-mail: info@culturalpolicies.net; http://www.ericarts.org