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European Union

Culturelink review, no.39/April 2003 - contents - imprint - archive


The European Commission-funded ERPANET Project has established an expandable European consortium which will present viable and visible information, best practices and skills development in the area of digital preservation of cultural heritage. ERPANET brings together memory organisations (museums, libraries and archives), ICT and software industry, research institutions, government organisations (including local ones), entertainment and creative industries, and commercial sectors (including, for example, pharmaceuticals, petro-chemicals, and financial services). The dominant feature of ERPANET will be the provision of a virtual clearinghouse and knowledge-base on state-of-the-art developments in digital preservation and the transfer of such expertise to individuals and institutions.

More details: http://www.erpanet.org

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eCulture - a newsletter on cultural content and digital heritage

This newsletter has been launched to inform about the work of IST, the Information Society Technology - the projects funded, the results obtained, and the events organised. It has been also launched to provide pointers to activities in the Information Society relevant to the readers needs. The aim is to encourage co-operation both between cultural organisations and with academics, researchers, technology providers and other content holders.

More information: http://www.cordis.lu/ist/ka3/digicult/newsletter.htm