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Year 2005 Events

Cape Town Festival, South Africa - Celebrating Ubuntu

The theme proposed for the Cape Town Festival for the next three years is Celebrating Ubuntu. The context of Celebrating Ubuntu will be addressed in three conferences each with related developmental themes:

2005: Revisiting Cultural Roots
2006: Intercultural Learning
2007: Cultural Transformation

The vision for the Cape Town Festival involves marketing Cape Town as the 'Gateway to African Arts and Culture'.

For more information, please visit: http://www.capetownfestival.co.za/

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ISPA's 57th Annual Conference

New York, New York, USA, 5-7 January 2005

At its next annual conference in New York, 5-7 January 2005, the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) will embrace the performing arts within the broader context of the execution of excellence. The New York Conference is designed to offer three specific opportunities:

  • Intellectual stimulation
  • New business prospects
  • Social interaction

ISPA has chosen the dates immediately before the Arts Presenters Conference to allow the participants to attend both events during a single visit to the city.

More details: http://www.ispa.org/ny05/

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Arts and Humanities

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 13-16 January 2005

The Third Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 13-16 January 2005. The conference will provide many opportunities for academics and professionals from the arts and humanities related fields to interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines. Cross-disciplinary submissions with other fields are welcome.

For more information, please visit: http://www.hichumanities.org/cfp_artshumanities.htm

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World Literacy Congress

Havana, Cuba, 31 January - 4 February 2005

The First World Literacy Congress, which will take place in Havana, Cuba, 31 January - 4 February 2005, will be an opportunity for the interchange of experience achieved in the literacy and post-literacy process in the mother tongue and in the vehicle language, fostering methodological alternatives for training teachers to become specialists in literacy and post-literacy work, and substantiating the importance of the use of radio, television and VHS video on literacy and post-literacy teaching. At the same time, the congress will be an opportunity to show the Cuban experience in the field. The meeting will be an excellent means to foster regional cooperation among institutions and organizations of Youth and Adult Education.

For more information, please visit: www.pedagogia2005.rimed.cu/index_en.asp

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Transformations - Culture and the Environment in Human Development

Canberra, Australia, 7-9 February 2005

The Australia Council for the Arts, the Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia and the Australian National University are organising an international conference in Canberra, from 7-9 February 2005, entitled Transformations - Culture and the Environment in Human Development.

Transformations is an international conference looking at global and local trends in cultural diversity and sustainable development. It is envisaged as an international forum aiming to shift the conventional model of sustainable development. Transformations will consider theory and principles with the goal of developing practical outcomes on ways to integrate culture in planning at all levels. The event will debate contemporary conceptual frameworks, analyse the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and Human Development Report 2004, explore how they can be implemented at the policy and programme levels, examine case studies and demonstration projects, and develop practical strategic directions at workshops.

The four themes that will be explored are the following: cultural identity, social justice, civil society, and productive diversity. These themes will weave their way throughout all elements of the conference. The conference will be organised in plenary sessions and concurrent workshops focusing on specific themes. The broad topics that the conference will address are as follows:

Day 1: Developing and promoting a new and global understanding of cultural rights, environmental protection and sustainable development (special theme: inter-faith);

Day 2: Contemporary multicultural diversity planning, cultural rights and sustainable development programmes as practised in local, state and national governments and in businesses (special theme: health);

Day 3: Humanising globalisation: cultural diversity as an agent of change, dialogue and prosperity. Converting principles into practice: establishing cultural indicators in development that will build a framework for sustainable cultural diversity in the local, regional, national and global contexts (special theme: the media);

Day 4: (Optional) study tours and additional specialist fora.

Transformations will be of interest to policy makers, administrators and urban planners in local, state and national governments; national and international private sector corporations committed to best-practice in sustainable development; non-governmental organisations; academics, researchers and graduate students, and people and organisations involved in projects addressing a wide range of issues including: health, housing, planning, urban development, economics, community services, the arts, cultural rights, community relations, and other activities that include cultural diversity as part of sustainable development.

For up-to-date details about the Transformations conference programme, please visit: http://www.fecca.org.au/transformations.html or http://rspas.anu.edu.au/heritage

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Asia-Pacific Creative Communities – A Strategy for the 21st Century

Senior Expert Symposium on Cultural Industries
Jodhpur, India, 22-26 February 2005

The Bangkok, Thailand, Asia-Pacific Regional Office of UNESCO announces a Senior Expert Symposium on Cultural Industries entitled Asia-Pacific Creative Communities – A Strategy for the 21st Century, to be held in Jodhpur, India, on 22-26 February 2005. The purpose of the Symposium is to support the development of the creative sector as a key economic driver in the Asia-Pacific region by identifying and establishing a policy framework and an accompanying action strategy for the promotion of cultural industries with particular attention paid to developing economies.

In view of this goal, the Symposium will:

  • discuss a conceptual framework for incorporating cultural industries as a component in national and local development plans,
  • discuss a regional pilot project for data collection and analysis of cultural industries, which will allow countries to make evidence-based policy development for the sector, and
  • draft a 10-year Plan of Action to promote cultural industries in Asia-Pacific countries as a strategy for local economic development

Participation in the Symposium is by invitation only. The number of participants is strictly limited to 100 guests. Participants are invited in their individual, personal capacity as experts in the field, not as a representative of any Government or other office. The deadline for registration is 31 January 2005.

For more information, please contact: UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific, UNESCO Bangkok Office, 5th Floor, 920 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110, Thailand: tel.: (+ 66) 2 391 0577 ext. 513; fax: (+ 66) 2 391 0866; e-mail: cultural_industries@unescobkk.org; www.unescobkk.org/culture/cultural_industries

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Master in Ceramic Design

Province of Savona, Italy, March-July 2005

Organized by Progetto Ce.Lo. (Ceramica Locale) and C.P.F.P. "F. Varaldo", in cooperation with the cultural association Attese Biennale di Ceramica nell' Arte Contemporanea, a master programme in ceramic design will take place from March to July 2004, targeting 15 unemployed university postgraduates with degrees in architecture or industrial design, or from the academy of fine arts or institutes of higher education in the arts sector.

The objective is to provide students with the cultural means and design methodologies needed to re-elaborate the ceramic tradition through a dynamic and ever-changing approach. For this purpose, the training program will combine the modern "culture of the project" with the specific features of ceramic craftsmanship. The educational method combines design courses taught by internationally renowned designers and artists, ceramic production laboratories organized in the local ceramist enterprises, and classroom lessons. It will be supported by a trainee work period, thus creating an effective alternating training-work activity.

The results of the design courses, ceramic technique laboratories, seminars and research projects, will be presented during the 3rd Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art to be held in the autumn of 2005.

Student participation is free. During the trainee work period 8 students will receive expense reimbursements (lodging and board). Application deadline is 11 February 2005.

For more information, please contact: Marina Chiarenza or Elena Zunino, C.P.F.P. "F. Varaldo", Via Amendola 10, 17100 Savona, Italy; tel.: + 39 019 8313600; fax: +39 019 8313610; e-mail: corsi@provincia.savona.it, or
Tiziana Casapietra, Roberto Costantino, Attese Biennale di Ceramica nell'Arte Contemporanea, Via Lepontina 12, 20159 Milan, Italy; tel./fax: + 39 02 6081878; e-mail: attese@iol.it, info@attese.it; http://www.attese.it/master2005/comunicato_eng.php

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Audiences Europe Network Meeting

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 8 March 2005

Hosted by the Nederlands Uitburo (NUB), the Audiences Europe Network (AEN) will hold a meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 8 March 2005, with the purpose to bring together representatives from different networks to identify shared activities and areas of interest.

Developed by a team of cultural practitioners from across Europe, Audiences Europe is a relatively new European network aiming to bring together senior cultural practitioners from across Europe to share good practice in the fields of cultural marketing and audience development. AEN works at a strategic level, offering opportunities for senior cultural practitioners to access policymaking, research, social impact studies and debate. It also works at a practical level, offering opportunities to access a range of practical activities designed to improve practice and aid professional development.

For more information, please contact: Susie Hargreaves, Director, c/o Audiences Yorkshire, 3 St Peters Buildings, St Peters Square, Leeds LS9 8AH, England; tel.: +44 (0) 1904 766935; e-mail: info@audienceseurope.net; http://www.audienceseurope.net/

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Politics of Culture Markets

Pennsylvania, USA, 11-13 March 2005

The Politics of Culture Markets, American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference 2005, will be held at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA, 11-13 March 2005.

What role does culture play in politics? How do markets determine cultural value? What are the necessary conditions for a culture of agency and activism? What circumstances lead to a culture of fear and repression? From the moment that Antonio Nebrija's first grammar of the Spanish language coincided with Christopher Columbus's first imperial voyage, the ties between culture and empire-building have been clear. In a parallel vein, Benedict Anderson has revealed the connections between nation-building and the culture industry.

This seminar explores the role culture markets play in supporting, resisting and/or redefining state policies and imperial projects.

Organizer of the seminar is Sophia McClennen, Penn State, at e-mail: sam50@psu.edu; http://www.outreach.psu.edu/programs/ACLA/

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Improvisation & Spontaneity in Performing Arts

Director's Laboratory
Malpils, Latvia, 15-19 March 2005

The Director's Laboratory entitled Improvisation & Spontaneity in Performing Arts, to be held in Malpils, Latvia, on 15-19 March 2005, under the direction of Sergey Ostrenko, Artistic Director of International University Global Theatre Experience (IUGTE), represents an excellent opportunity for directors and choreographers to develop new creative inspiration during the practical work with colleagues from different countries. Aimed at directors, choreographers, actors, dancers, teachers of theatre methods, playwrights and senior students of theatre departments, this intensive practical training includes theoretical discussions and lectures.

In order to register, send your CV and a brief description of motivation. Participation registration should be received before 25 February 2005.

Contact: Inga Ryazanova, Chief Executive, e-mail: info@iugte.com; http://www.iugte.com/projects/Director.php

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2nd Open Encounter of Culture

Assembly of Cultures
Santiago, Chile, 3 April 2005

Creating a forum for dialogue under the title Assembly of Cultures, the 2nd Open Encounter of Culture, organized by the Chilean Centro de las Culturas, will be held in Santiago, Chile on 3 April 2005, aiming to focus on surmounting differences and finding common grounds in diversity.

For more information, please contact: Centro de las Culturas en Chile, Jofré 80 Stgo Centro, Santiago, Chile; tel.: (56-2) 236 6813; e-mail: contacto@centrodelasculturas.cl; http://www.centrodelasculturas.cl/

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Fortress Europe and Its 'Others'

Cultural Representations in Film, Media and the Arts
London, UK, 4-6 April 2005

This conference, organized by the British Council, will take place in London, UK, 4-6 April 2005. The aim is to explore how the public debate about Fortress Europe has been negotiated in the cultural and aesthetic spheres within a wide range of representational forms, from the media to film, photography, literature, etc.

For more information, please visit: http://literaryconferences.britishcouncil.org/conference/?p=994

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European Cultural Education Policy Conference

North West, UK, 6-9 April 2005

European Cultural Education Policy Conference will take place in North West, United Kingdom, 6-9 April 2005. It will have two distinct aims:

  • To allow all delegate countries to be more aware of each other's education and cultural systems and able to share practice.
  • To focus on new knowledge about education, particularly in learning styles, curriculum design and other new practice that is innovative and ground breaking.

For more information, please contact: Barry Hepton, Arts Council England, North West, United Kingdom, tel.: +44 161 8279218; e-mail: barry.hepton@artscouncil.org.uk; http://www.artscouncil.org.uk

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Museums and the Web 2005

Vancouver, Canada, 13-17 April 2005

Museums and the Web 2005 (MW2005), the annual international conference hosted by Archives & Museum Informatics and devoted exclusively to Museums and the World Wide Web, will take place in Vancouver, Canada, 13-17 April 2005.

Ever since the appearance of the first museum web sites in 1994, hundreds of museums have established a presence on the World Wide Web, and MW2005 will - for the ninth year in a row - explore the potential that those museums offer as a source of content and the challenge they present to providers of Web-based multimedia. Whilst enabling museums to learn from each other's experiences, the MW2005 conference will be looking into current trends in development of the Web in cultural heritage, as well as facilitating information exchange between museums and developers using the Web for other applications.

For more information, please contact: Archives & Museum Informatics, 158 Lee Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 2P3 Canada, tel.: + 1 416 691 2516; fax: + 1 416 352 6025; e-mail: info@archimuse.com; http://www.archimuse.com

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Teachers' Academy Rotterdam 2005

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 13-17 April 2005

Following the success of the pilot version of the ELIA Teachers' Academy, Barcelona 2003, the Teachers' Academy Rotterdam 2005 will be held 13-17 April 2005 in Rotterdam. It will be hosted by the Rotterdam University of Music and Dance.

For more information, please visit: www.elia-artschools.org/news/calls.htm

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Maritime Heritage 2005

Second International Conference on Maritime Heritage
Barcelona, Spain, 18-20 April 2005

The conference on Maritime Heritage will take place in Barcelona, Spain, 18-20 April 2005. It aims to bring together scholars and professionals to discuss a variety of topics related to maritime heritage. In addition to the scientific advances, the meeting will discuss the future of historic harbours, dockyards and other similar maritime structures in today's world, as well as the function of historic vessels and their heritage value. This leads to problems such as the role of development schemes and relationships between tourism and maritime heritage, and the need to protect the latter by suitable legislation and support initiatives.

For more information, please contact: Katie Banham, Conference Secretariat, Maritime Heritage 2005, Wessex Institute of Technology, Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton, SO40 7AA, tel.: 44 (0) 238 029 3223; fax: 44 (0) 238 029 2853; e-mail: kbanham@wessex.ac.uk; http://www.wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2005/mh05/index.html

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A Soul for Europe Follow-Up Conference

Paris, France, 2-3 May 2005

A follow-up to the A Soul for Europe Berlin conference, held in November 2004, is now planned to take place in Paris, France on 2-3 May 2005.

As a first link in a chain of subsequent activities, the Berlin Conference for European Cultural Policy demanded a greater emphasis on cultural policy in Europe to be achieved through

  • publicising the need to discuss cultural prerequisites, factors and consequences for the unification of Europe - staging seminars, congresses, exhibitions and festivals in collaboration with artists and institutions in all member states,
  • initiating enduring, cross-border cooperation among artists, intellectuals, scientists, above all in projects concerned with central questions such as those stated above, and
  • involving local, regional and party politicians, as well as European parliamentarians and European Commission staff members who must integrate this cultural analysis into the intention- and decision-forming processes incumbent upon them.

For more information, please see: http://www.berlinerkonferenz.net

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International Congress on Aesthetics, Creativity and Psychology of the Arts

Perm, Russia, 1-6 June 2005

The International Congress on Aesthetics, Creativity, and Psychology of the Arts will take place in Perm, Russia, 1-6 June 2005. The scope of the congress will include all types of empirical investigations into the nature of aesthetic perception, aesthetic experience, aesthetic appreciation, creativity, psychology of the arts, literature, and personality. Papers, symposia, and invited addresses are scheduled on psychology of the arts and literature, visual perception and art, auditory perception and art, creativity and self, creativity and inhibition, the brain and art, music, architecture, museum studies, methodological issues, computer art, and a number of related topics.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 November 2004, to be sent to dorfman@mail.perm.ru.

For more information, please visit: www.permartcongress.com

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13th Annual ENCATC Conference

Culture Management and the Question of Values in a Shifting Landscape
Potsdam, Germany, 2-5 June 2005

The European Network of Institutions and Professionals Involved in Training and Education in the Broad Field of Cultural Management (ENCATC) announces its 13th Annual Conference, to be held in Potsdam, Germany, on 2-5 June 2005 under the title Culture Management and the Question of Values in a Shifting Landscape.

The event will focus on the question of values and the practice of valuation and consequences for training across Europe and beyond, questioning the existence of common European artistic, economic, and pragmatic criteria and searching for the values behind these criteria. In the first part of the conference key speakers will represent the different types of cultural managers and will offer theoretical and empirical inputs from their points of view, while the second part will serve to share experiences in working with criteria for judgements in the different fields of practice.

Registration deadline is 25 May 2005, an online registration form is available at http://forge.fh-potsdam.de/~encatc/.

For enquiries, please contact: Mrs. Giannalia Cogliandro, ENCATC Executive Director; tel: +; fax: +; e-mail: g.cogliandro@encatc.org

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Culture.mondo Roundtable

Cultural Portals: New Challenges and Good Practices
Aichi, Japan, 7-8 June 2005

Organized by Culture.ca, Canada’s Cultural Gateway, in collaboration with an International Steering Committee, the first Culture.mondo Roundtable, to take place in Aichi, Japan on 7-8 June 2005, will provide a unique opportunity for cultural portal managers, planners and experts from around the world to meet in the stimulating environment of Expo 2005. The objective of this expert meeting is to analyze the emerging cultural policy phenomenon of rapidly developing national, regional and supranational cultural portals, and to establish an informal cooperative forum for key players in the field.

The two-day meeting will concentrate on different aspects of issues concerning the challenges and good practices shared by cultural portals throughout the world. Additionally, a series of individual Roundtable sessions will touch upon the results from the first-ever worldwide Culture.mondo survey of cultural portals, partnerships, governance, content management, technology, marketing, and future directions for cultural portals in the worldwide digital space. Related policy issues including access, visibility, and participation will also be examined.

Sessions and working groups will be held at the Canada Pavilion at Expo 2005. Official languages are English, French and Spanish.

Contact: Culture.mondo Roundtable Secretariat, 15 Eddy, 8th floor, Gatineau, QC, Canada K1A 0M5; tel.: +00 1 819 953.6989; fax: +00 1 819 994.2410; e-mail: info@culturescope.ca

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Skowhegan Summer Residency Programme 2005

Skowhegan, Maine, USA, 11 June - 13 August 2005

Founded in 1946, the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculptureannounces its 2005 Session - an intensive nine-week summer residency programme for emerging visual artists, seeking to provide a stimulating and rigorous environment for artistic creation and interaction by offering a concentrated period of work, created with the help of a distinguished faculty of resident and visiting artists.

Sixty-five participants are accepted annually. The 2005 session runs from 11 June to 13 August 2005. Application deadline is 1 February 2005.

Full program information as well as the application and financial assistance forms are posted at www.skowheganart.org.

Contact: Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, 200 Park Avenue South, Suite 1116, New York, NY 10003-1503, USA; tel.: 212 529 0505; fax: 212 473 1342; mail@skowheganart.org

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International Theatre Festival

Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania, 13-19 June 2005

The International Theatre Festival in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania invites applications for participation in this event devoted entirely to alternative theatre, excluding any conventional kinds of theatre, to take place on 13–19 June 2005.

Presentations of various experimental forms are invited, finding new forms of theatrical expression suitable to the act of contemporary scenic creation. This platform for the affirmation of new forms of dramatic expression represents a great chance for the young artists, giving them a possibility to apply their modern ideas, to present their productions, to find non-conventional spaces, and to diversify new forms of artistic expression.

Application deadline is 10 May 2005.

For more information, please contact: tel.: 0040 788 198 130, 0040 788 198 123; e-mail: teatrulam@yahoo.co.uk

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Interactive Culture Colloquium: Culture and Online Information

Nantes, France, 23-24 June 2005

The Interactive Culture Colloquium: Culture and Online Information organized jointly by on-the-move, the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM), Relais Culture Europe and ERBAN will be held in Nantes, France, on 23-24 June 2005, aiming to focus on the encounter between 'cultural domain' and 'digital culture' and investigate whether cultural operators and resource centers are lagging behind in the exploitation of new possibilities.

Speakers will present the evolution and development of digital culture, its characteristics and the assessment of technology, and look at the 'engines' that drove and drive these explorations. The conference will also examine ways to construct on-line instruments and a virtual interface dedicated specifically to cultural information.

Debates will be conducted in working groups by exchanging and examining experience, presenting case studies and discussing inspiring models of the use of new technology for providing information, building communities and strengthening the professional capacities of cultural operators and artists working across borders in Europe.

As participation in the working groups is limited, registrations should be submitted before 15 May 2005. To register, contact communication@ietm.org.

For virtual participation, the conference will be streamed on the ERBAN website at www.erba-nantes.fr.

Contact: IETM (Informal European Theatre Meeting), 19 Square Sainctelette 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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International Conference on Music Analysis

Dublin, Ireland, 23-25 June 2005

The Dublin International Conference on Music Analysis will be held at University College Dublin, Ireland, 23-25 June 2005. The conference will be hosted by the Department of Music, University College Dublin, in association with the School of Music at Trinity College Dublin, the Society for Musicology in Ireland and the Society for Music Analysis.

For more information, please contact: Julian Horton or Áine Heneghan; e-mail: julian.horton@ucd.ie; e-mail: heneghaa@tcd.ie

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International Conference on Storytelling and Cultural Identity

Terceira, Azores, 27-29 June 2005

The primary focus of this conference, which will be held in Azores, Terceira, 27-29 June 2005, is to explore the power of storytelling in the recuperation of memory, collective identity formation, and the presence of oral traditions in literature and the sister arts. All forms of storytelling narrative (oral and written), performative, cinematic, musical, and hybrid, as well as methodologies (linguistic, sociological, political, anthropological, etc.) will be considered as long as they relate to the themes explicit and implicit in the title of this conference. Papers may be presented in any of the following languages: Portuguese, Castilian, English, and French.

For more information, please contact: e-mail: cccahbral@cm-ah.pt; http://www.cm-ah.pt/ccc

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Practice and Prospects of Arts Education

St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, 27 June – 1 July 2005

The Second International Caribbean Symposium on the Practice and Prospects of Arts Education will be held at St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, 27 June - 1 July 2005. It will honour and address the explorations, methods and pedagogical practice that facilitate the acceptance of diversity in human relations within our communities and societies-in-crisis.

For more information, please contact: e-mail: festival@tstt.net.tt; e-mail: dlyndersay@fhe.uwi.tt

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11th International Artists Residencies and Film Festival

Balatonfured, Hungary, 27 June – 23 July and 25 July – 20 August 2005

The Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc. (HMC), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cultural expansion of the visual arts between Europe and the United States, invites visual artists and writers to participate in an international residency programme and film festival in Balatonfured, Hungary, on 27 June – 23 July and 25 July – 20 August 2005.

The Artist-in-Residence Program is for artists involved in the creation of visual arts and literature. It is neither a school nor an artists' colony. It does, however, offer an opportunity for professional artists to explore their full creative potential. During their residency, each artist is provided with a studio space and exhibitions.

Artists are selected on the basis of their application, their demonstrated commitment to art, their discipline, their total resume and their references. Application deadline is 15 January 2005.

For more information, please visit: http://www.hungarian-multicultural-center.com

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Eighth International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management

Montréal, Canada, 3-6 July 2005

This academic conference will be held in Montréal, Canada, 3-6 July 2005. It will be of interest to researchers and practitioners in the field of arts management, addressing various sectors of the arts and cultural industries.

Papers on all management approaches are welcome: marketing, strategic planning, production, organizational behaviour, accounting and finance, information systems. Contributions from social scientists are also welcome if they focus on management issues.

For more information, please contact: François Colbert, HEC Montréal, 3000 chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montréal, Québec, H3T 3A7, Canada, tel.: +1 514 340 6827; fax: +1 514 340 6432; e-mail: francois.colbert@hec.ca; http://www.hec.ca/aimac2005/welcome.htm

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Tourism and Performance: Scripts, Stages and Stories

Sheffield, UK, 13-18 July 2005

The Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change at the Sheffield Hallam University will hold its international research conference entitled Tourism and Performance: Stages and Stories in Sheffield, UK, on 14-18 July 2005. The aim of this conference is to explore the idea of tourists as performers by drawing on the methodological and conceptual knowledge of different disciplinary perspectives including tourism studies, anthropology, sociology, history, cultural studies, folkloric studies, literature, critical theory, linguistics, human/cultural geography, psychology, theatre studies and other relevant approaches.

Key themes of interest to the conference include:

  • Who is cooking who? Tourism consumption, digestion, and excretion
  • Hermeneutics, reflexivity and agency: Tourism as a parable of the social world
  • Eden, Sodom & Gomorrah, the Solitary Wanderer, the Golden Fleece: Archaeologies of tourist imaginary and performance
  • Odour, sound, vision, taste - making sense of the senses: cognitive categories and perceptive processes in tourism experience
  • Objects as props - objects as texts
  • Staging, eroticising, and making visible: Translations, adaptations, and variations of the 'cultural'
  • Reconsidering the economic in tourism: Transnational spaces of encounter, production and exchange
  • Political and symbolic manipulation of tourism scripts
  • Losing the plot: Tourism lost in translation

A list of accepted abstracts and a conference information pack, including a registration form and an accommodation booking form, can be downloaded from www.tourism-culture.com.

Address: Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Owen Building, Sheffield S1 1WB, United Kingdom; tel: +44 (0) 114 225 3973; fax: +44 (0) 114 225 3343; www.tourism-culture.com

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Workshop on the Law and Economics of Intellectual Property and Information Technology

Milan, Italy, 22-23 July 2005

The Workshop on the Law and Economics of Intellectual Property and Information Technology, to be held at the Universita Carlo Cattaneo - LIUC in Milan, Italy on 22-23 July 2005 aims at stimulating discussion between international scholars on the subject of IPRs and information technology issues. Inviting submissions from young as well as senior scholars working in these subject areas, the workshop intends to provide a venue for researchers to present and discuss their works and findings.

Submissions are welcome on any topic (both theoretical and empirical) that uses law and economics methods to analyse aspects of intellectual property or information technology. To be considered for the workshop, please submit a detailed abstract or full paper before 5 June 2005 to Giovanni Ramello at gramello@liuc.it. The list of accepted papers will be announced by 15 June 2005.

Contact: e-mail: gramello@liuc.it; http://www.liuc.it/ricerca/laweconomicsjuly2005/

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Salzburg Culture Forum

Salzburg, Austria, 25 July – 27 August 2005

The International Centre for Culture and Management (ICCM) announces this year's Salzburg Culture Forum (SCF) entitled ‘Why Doubt – Why Draft’, to take place at ICCM's College St. Josef in Salzburg, Austria on 25 July – 27 August 2005. The SCF succeeds the International Salzburg Summer Academy for Arts Management founded in 1992, and represents an extension of previous programmes.

The purpose of the Salzburg Culture Forum is to create an international meeting place and to nurture attitudes, knowledge and cultural awareness that will enable the world's cultural leaders to act appropriately and successfully in promoting their cultures' advancement and cultural identity while facing the challenges of globalisation. The vision of the Forum is to set standards for cultural organizations and cultural leaders that have a positive, sustainable impact on cultural development and international cultural co-operation.

The Forum consists of two two-week SCF Summer Academy Courses entitled Next Generation Projects: Business-Plan and Next Generation Projects, as well as Visions & Strategies, an International SCF Work Conference featuring some of the most brilliant representatives of the cultural management world. Lecturers and trainers will be extraordinary professionals from all over the world, with experience and passion for cultural projects.

Application deadline is 30 June 2005. An online application form is available at http://www.iccm.at/Apply-now.218.0.htm.

Address: ICCM, International Centre for Culture & Managment, Director of Programes / Salzburg Culture Forum, Bernhard Georg Foerg, Gyllenstormstraße 8, 5026 Salzburg, Austria; tel. +43 662 45 98 41; fax +43 662 45 98 38; e-mail: salzburgcultureforum@iccm.at; www.iccm.at

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14th European Conference on Reading

Zagreb, Croatia, 31 July – 3 August 2005

The International Development in Europe Committee of the International Reading Association (IDEC) and the Croatian Reading Association are organizing the 14th European Conference on Reading to be held in Zagreb, Croatia, from 31 July to 3 August 2005.

The theme of the conference is Literacy Without Boundaries. This theme reflects the importance of literacy on a trans-national basis, and the need to pool resources across national boundaries to find solutions to literacy challenges. The sub-themes are the following:

  • Literacy and Democracy;
  • Literacy and National Minorities;
  • Multilingual Literacy;
  • Pre-school Literacy and Early Literacy;
  • Adolescent and Adult Literacy;
  • Literacy and Lifelong Learning;
  • Literacy and Libraries;
  • Literacy and Technology;
  • Assessment of Language and Literacy Development;
  • Reading Difficulties and Intervention Programmes;
  • Reading Teachers and Teaching Strategies;
  • Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking;
  • Schools Where Literacy Thrives.

The prospective participants should submit proposals on the above-mentioned themes in the following categories: papers, posters, workshops, roundtables, and symposiums.

For more detailed information, please contact: Event d.o.o., Andrijeviæeva 12, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, fax: +385 1 370 3092; e-mail: congress@event.hr; http://www.hcd.hr/conference

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Rights On!

XVII International Federation of Translators (FIT) World Congress
Tampere, Finland, 4-7 August 2005

The XVII International Federation of Translators (FIT) World Congress will be held in Tampere, Finland, on 4-7 August 2005. Held every third year, FIT congresses are the only major international forum gathering translating and interpreting professionals from around the world to discuss issues of topical interest and to exchange experiences.

The Congress topics will cover:

  • Rights in Translation and Interpreting: Present Needs and Future Challenges
  • Legal Translation and Court Interpreting
  • Ethics, Status and Future of the Profession
  • Translation of Literature
  • Translation for the Media
  • Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation
  • Terminology and Localization
  • Conference, Court and Community Interpreting
  • Special Aspects of Translation and Interpreting

Session formats include round tables, workshops, presentations and posters.

For more information, please contact: FIT 2005 Congress, Congress Secretariat, Tampere Conference Service Ltd, Hämeenkatu 13 B, FI-33100 Tampere, Finland; tel.: +358-3-366 4400; fax +358-3-222 6440; e-mail: fit2005@tampereconference.fi; www.tampereconference.fi

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Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Comparative Literature in the Context of Globalization

Shenzhen, China, 12-16 August 2005

The Eighth Triennial Congress of the Chinese Comparative Literature Association will be held in Shenzhen, China, 12-16 August 2005. The theme of the conference is The Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Comparative Literature in the Context of Globalization. At the threshold of the twenty-first century, the world is confronted with a certain critical historical transition. The conference will provide comparatists with a platform on which further considerations and reflections on the comparative discipline can be made. In the meantime, it will enable domestic scholars to take a retrospect view on the historical development of comparative literature studies in twentieth-century China and the prospects of its future.

For more information, please contact: Yue Daiyun at tyjydy@pku.edu.cn and/or Wang Ning at wangning@tsinghua.edu.cn

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AMSU International Co-operation and Cultural Management Courses

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 16-31 August 2005

In its 2005 programme, the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University (AMSU) will hold the following International Co-operation and Cultural Management Summer Courses in Amsterdam:

  • Development and Management of Autonomous Creative Spaces in Europe, 16-20 August 2005,
  • Innovative Strategies in International Cultural Co-operation, 23-25 August 2005,
  • International Production Management, 28-31 August 2005.

All courses are led by cutting edge international experts and aimed at cultural operators, civil servants, artists, and foundation staff members as well as cultural organisers, special event managers and producers.

A limited number of scholarships are available for students from most Central and Eastern European Countries and Turkey, financially supported by the Social Transformation Programme Cental and Eastern Europe (MATRA) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Application deadline is 1 July 2005. Application forms are available at http://www.amsu.edu/application/. For detailed programmes, please visit http://www.amsu.edu/courses/cultural/

Contact: The Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University, P.O. Box 53066, 1007 RB Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel: +31 (0)20 6200225; fax: +31 (0)20 6249368; www.amsu.edu

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Cultural Policy Management in American and European Countries

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 22-27 August 2005

Aiming to broaden their study and deepen their understanding, this international course on Cultural Policy Management in American and European Countries, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 22-27 August 2005, will provide an all-encompassing overview and comparison of the various models of modern cultural policies.

The course is tailored for public and private, local and foreign cultural managers, principally from Spain and Latin America, for culture and management professionals, and for cultural policy creators and managers. Its objectives include reflection on possible new scenarios for cultural policies, contribution to the debate about the different public cultural policy models, and development of a better understanding of one of the key tools in the field of culture.

Application deadline is 12 August 2005.

Contact: Edwin R. Harvey, Fundación Ortega y Gasset Argentina, Viamonte esq. San Martín, Centro Cultural Borges, C1053ABK, Buenos Aires, Argentina; tel./fax: 5555-5452; tel.: 4314-2809; e-mail: gestionculturalfoga@fibertel.com.ar; http://www.ortegaygasset.com.ar

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International Director's Laboratory

Kiev, Ukraine, 22-27 August 2005

The International University Global Theatre Experience (IUGTE), Latvia and Kiev Municipal Theatre Suziria, Ukraine will organize the International Director's Laboratory in Kiev, Ukraine, on 22-27 August 2005. Through intensive practical work, theoretical discussions and lectures, various topical questions of stage artists interested in contemporary directing and production will be answered. Topics include a director’s analysis of the play, composing the performance, improvisation and spontaneity in performing arts and dynamic breathing training.

The Laboratory represents an excellent opportunity for directors, playwrights, actors, choreographers, dancers, teachers of theatre methods and senior students of theatre departments to get new creative inspiration through practical work with colleagues from different countries.

In order to register, please send your CV and a brief description of your motivation addressed to Inga Ryazanova at iugte@mail.ru or info@iugte.com. The non-refundable registration fee should be transferred before 1 August 2005.

Contact: Inga Ryazanova, Chief Executive, International University, Global Theatre Experience (IUGTE) 24 Kugu Str., Radisson SAS Daugava Hotel, Magnet Business Centre, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia; tel.: +371 838 11 60, +380 50 44 10045; e-mail: info@iugte.com; iugte@mail.ru; http://www.iugte.com/projects/Lab.php

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AMSU International Production Management for Performing Arts

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 29–31 August 2005

The 3-day Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University course on International Production Management for Performing Arts, to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 29–31 August 2005, will be led by Hugo de Greef, Secretary General of the European Festivals Association.

The course, designed for cultural organisers, special event managers and producers and limited to a maximum of 25 participants, aims to give insight into the instruments that have been gathered in this short history and can be put into use in contemporary practice. Participants will be exposed to various experiences, with the main intention to enable them to take away skills that can be put into practice immediately. Thus, attention will be given to:

  • how an international production can practically be set up;
  • contractual problems from daily experience;
  • how to take your public into account;
  • looking for funds;
  • how the artist feels from a local and international perspective; and
  • working in different settings as much from a cultural perspective as from a regulatory one.

Experts from various countries, with a high level of practical professional experience in the field of international production, will be available for questions and comments as well as delivery of information throughout the course.

The deadline for applications is 20 July 2005.

Contact: Office Manager, Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University, P.O. Box 53066, 1007 RB Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel: +31 20 620 0225; fax: +31 20 624 9368; e-mail: office@amsu.edu; http://www.amsu.edu/courses/cultural/artm22005.htm

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IRCA Fellow Programme

Kyoto University of Art and Design
Kyoto, Japan, September 2005 - August 2006

The International Research Center for the Arts (IRCA) calls artists from Japan and around the world every year as Fellows for its artist-in-residence programme. Using a studio at the Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD) as a base, the artists are encouraged to freely create and display their works both in the school and elsewhere.

The participation period of this program differs depending on the individual, the length of stay of each Fellow is determined after consultation with committee members at the second screening interview.

Application deadline is 1 June 2005.

Application and inquiry: International Research Center for the Arts (IRCA), Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD), 2-116 Uryuyama, Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8271 Japan; e-mail: irca-info@kuad.kyoto-art.ac.jp; http://irca.kyoto-art.ac.jp/fellow/f_guideline_e.html

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Interactive Art and Entertainment Programme Residency

Toronto, Canada, 7 September 2005 - 3 February 2006

The Habitat New Media Lab at the Canadian Film Centre is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2005 session of the Interactive Art and Entertainment Programme (IAEP), a five-month post-graduate residency focused on creating inventive, interactive narrative projects for the Canadian and international marketplace.

Habitat provides a unique training and production think-tank environment designed for emerging new media content developers. Based on a cycle of training, production and research, Habitat is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning facility.

Core training areas include:

  • Self and the Group - communication and conflict management skills, decision-making, and high performance teams
  • New Media - interactive media theory, interactive narrative theory & practice, game theory and design, interaction design and usability principles
  • Production Process - business plans and project funding, 2D and 3D design, audio and DVD authoring software, videography, lighting, audio, and video editing

Application deadline for the Fall 2005 IAEP session is 2 May 2005. A maximum of 12 spots are available.

Contact: Habitat New Media Lab, Canadian Film Centre, 2489 Bayview Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada M2L 1A8; tel.: + 1 416.445.1446 ext. 296; e-mail: habitat@cdnfilmcentre.com; http://www.cdnfilmcentre.com/training/newmedia.html

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Our Cultural Past - Your Future!

ICOM-CC's 14th Triennial Meeting on Conservation
The Hague, The Netherlands, 12-16 September 2005

The Committee on Conservation, the largest of the International Committees of the International Council of Museums (ICOM-CC), organizes its 14th Triennial meeting dealing with various aspects of conservation. The Meeting's primary intention ever since its inception has been to bring together professionals from all over the world who are interested in conservation, while presenting the results of the work done by the Committee on Conservation in this field over the past three years. In the year 2005 the meeting will be held in The Hague, 12-16 September 2005 and its overall subject will be Our Cultural Past - Your Future.

For more information, please contact: ICOM-CC Secretariat: Isabelle Verger, c/o ICCROM, via San Michele 13, 00153 Rome, Italy; tel.: + 39 06 58 55 34 10 fax: + 39 06 58 55 33 49; e-mail: icom-cc@iccrom.org; http://www.icom-cc.icom.museum

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Cultural Entitlement and Cultural Learning in Europe and Beyond
Manchester and Liverpool, UK, 15-17 September 2005

Catalyst, a three day conference about cultural policy in Europe, will be held in Manchester and Liverpool, United Kingdom between15-17 September 2005. Sponsored by the UK Government as part of its Presidency of the European Union, and organised by the Arts Council England, Culture North West and Euclid UK, the conference entitled Cultural Entitlement and Cultural Learning in Europe and Beyond will draw together delegates from many European countries in a rich programme of speeches, debates between practitioners and policy makers, and workshops, seeking to share theory and practice.

Conference objectives are to:

  • provide a map of cultural learning across Europe (linked to some examples beyond Europe), particularly highlighting where strong models of cultural learning exist;
  • place that knowledge in the context of broader cultural change in learning;
  • raise awareness regarding intercultural competences and cultural entitlement;
  • broker relationships between knowledge seekers and knowledge sharers;
  • explore the relationship between (and impact of) practice and policy; and
  • help build a community of European interests around cultural learning and entitlement.

The main programme will explore the following issues:

  • European Cultural Entitlement through Citizenship and Learning – to look specifically at the potential impact of creative and innovative education and learning systems on European cultural policy, exploring issues on leadership, new technologies, connections between industry and education, and our responsibilities to increase our intercultural awareness and competences.
  • European Cultural Entitlement through Development and Regeneration - the first national conference of the Regional Cultural Consortiums England, to explore some of the more challenging issues around sustainable development, cultural tourism, contemporary heritage preservation, workforce development, and the creative economy across Europe.
  • European Cultural Entitlement through Values and Society - a much deeper exploration of our values, identifying ways personally and professionally to harness our own cultural entitlement as individuals and communities.
  • European Cultural Entitlement from Policy to Practice - an opportunity to engage more closely through practice based workshops across the region with several renowned European cultural networks and organisations.

Booking will close on 31 July 2005.

Contact: Ruth Churchill Dower, Catalyst Co-Director, Programme and Content Manager, Isaacs UK, Dock Hill House, Miry Lane, Netherthong, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, HD9 3UH, UK; tel.: +44 (0)1484 688407; fax: +44 (0)870 7063009; e-mail: ruth@isaacsuk.co.uk; http://www.catalystconference.co.uk

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Visions in Textiles – From Tradition to Textile Art/Design of Tomorrow

13th European Textile Network Conference
Izmir, Turkey, 15-17 September 2005

The European Textile Network (ETN) will hold its 13th conference entitled Visions in Textiles – From Tradition to Textile Art/Design of Tomorrow in Izmir, Turkey, on 15-17 September 2005. An International Textile Art Exhibition will be held simultaneously at the Izmir State Art and Sculpture Museum.

The exhibition will show works of textile art/design that address the theme of new expressions in textile art/design referring to the own textile heritage. The choice of techniques, size and materials are free. There is no participation fee, the participants will however carry the costs of freight and possible customs/VAT. The selection by an international jury is open to artists worldwide, application deadline is 2 May 2005.

For more information, please contact: Secretariat, European Textile Network (ETN), P.O.Box 5944, D-30059 Hannover, Germany; tel: +49-511/817006; fax: +49-511/813108; e-mail: etn@ETN-net.org; http://www.ETN-net.org

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The MacBride Report — 25 Years Later

2005 Euricom Colloquium
Piran, Slovenia, 15-17 September 2005

Entitled The MacBride Report — 25 Years Later, the 2005 Colloquium of the European Institute of Communication and Culture (EURICOM) will be held in Piran, Slovenia, on 15-17 September 2005, devoted to the significance of the 1979 "Many Voices – One World" report of the International Commission for the Study of Communication Problems (also known as the MacBride Report).

Submitted to the Director-General of UNESCO and published in 1980, the Report acknowledged the importance of communication between individuals and among nations for human growth and social development. Since then, the report has met with high praise and severe criticism, reflecting ideological differences regarding concepts and issues of media freedom and development in various parts of the world.

With the participation of former members of the Commission, Euricom devotes its 2005 Colloquium to the significance of this work, and invites papers that address major issues raised by the report, including the changing nature of communication in the 21st century, freedom of information, the right to communicate, and moral and political responsibilities of the media in the contemporary world. In addition, communication policies and development strategies, the professionalization of media personnel, and the rights and responsibilities of journalists as well as assessments of the success or failure of the recommendations of the MacBride Report are also suitable paper topics. Application deadline is 2 April 2005.

Contact: EURICOM, P.O. Box 2511, 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia; tel.: +386 1 5805 242; +386 1 5641 626; fax: +386 1 5805 106; e-mail: hanno.hardt@uni-lj.si and slavko.splichal@uni-lj.si; http://www.euricom.si/

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15th World Congress and Performing Arts Festival

Montréal, Canada, 20-30 September 2005

The World Congress and Performing Arts Festival will be held in Montr‚al, Canada, 20-30 September 2005. This celebration of theatre for young audiences takes place every three years, in a different city each time, and brings together thousands of participants from the association's more than 76 member countries located across the continents. It is the most significant cultural event for young audiences in the world.

For more information, please contact: e-mail: coups@coupsdetheatre.com; e-mail: info@assitejcanada.org; http://www.montreal-2005.com

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SIETAR Europa Congress 2005

Your Culture, My Culture, Our Opportunity: Intercultural Theories, Tools and Best Practices for Education, Society and Business in a Polarized World
La Colle sur Loup, France, 21-25 September 2005

The SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) Europa Congress 2005 will be held in La Colle sur Loup, near Nice, France, on 21-25 September 2005 under the title Your Culture, My Culture, Our Opportunity: Intercultural Theories, Tools and Best Practices for Education, Society and Business in a Polarized World.

Focusing on the role of intercultural studies, practices and arts in addressing the pressing cultural issues of our time: politics, religion, terror, violence and genocide, social shifts, reducing the effects of past colonialism, and certainly developing a larger role in these matters for "the New Europe", the event is an invitation to dialogue and a process of conversation, open to inter-culturalists and everyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of today's world, be it from a business, political, social or psychological perspective.

Over 400 attendees are expected, representing intercultural research and studies, consultants and trainers, as well as corporate HR people, governmental and NGO professionals from all around the world.

For more information, please contact: Christine Longé, SIETAR Europa Secretariat; e-mail: office@sietar-europa.org; http://www.sietar-europa.org/congress2005

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Best in Heritage 2005

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 22-24 September 2005

The Best in Heritage 2005 presentation meeting will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on 22-24 September 2005. This international annual presentation of the best, awarded museums, heritage and conservation projects takes place under the patronage of ICOM, UNESCO, ICOMOS, Europa Nostra, and the City of Dubrovnik.

Representatives of twenty-odd handpicked projects will show why their projects were distinguished, on either an international or a national level, demonstrating practical and theoretical dimensions of excellence that result in competitiveness and prestige. Presentations, discussions and personal contact with the best, make this conference a highly pragmatic event.

Application deadline is 31 August 2005.

For more information, please contact: European Heritage Association, Krešimirov trg 7, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia; tel./fax: ++385 1 455 04 24; mobile: ++385 98 468 158; e-mail: info@thebestinheritage.com; http://www.thebestinheritage.com

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Elective Affinities

Philadelphia, USA, 23-27 September 2005

The International Association of Word and Image Studies will organize a conference on Elective Affinities, Philadelphia, USA, 23-27 September 2005.

The title of the conference is borrowed from Goethe's 1809 novel 'Elective Affinities.' There, the term 'elective affinities' is the subject of a vigorous debate. A chemical term that was in currency from the late-eighteenth century, was extended in the novel to human relationships, both intimate and political.

Since this is a novel that foregrounds 'mixed media', such as tableaux vivants (i.e., dramatic performances of artworks) and the picturesque garden, the concept of 'elective affinities' also has profound implications for the relationship between words and images. Like the alkalis and acids of which Goethe's characters speak, words and images, although apparently opposed, may have a remarkable affinity for one another. At the same time, as one of the protagonists objects, such affinities are problematic, and 'are only really interesting when they bring about separations.'

The conference will seek to explore word/image interactions in literature and visual arts from a broad historical perspective, and also as they extend to fields as diverse as political science, religious studies, and history of science.

For more information, please contact: e-mail: affinities@ccat.sas.upenn.edu; or visit: http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/affinities/

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Creative Places + Spaces2: Risk Revolution

Toronto, Canada, 30 September – 1 October 2005

Organized by Artscape, a non-profit organization engaged in real estate and program development for the arts and creative sector, the conference Creative Places + Spaces2: Risk Revolution, to take place in Toronto, Canada, on 30 September – 1 October 2005, will be dedicated to unlocking the creative potential of people and places through innovative social, educational, cultural, environmental and economic initiatives. The conference will focus on the process and benefits of creativity and innovation as applied to a broad range of social, educational, cultural, environmental and economic initiatives.

On a global level, a shift in community building is taking shape and at its core lays innovation and creativity. By sharing a wide range of stories and transformative experiences, the event will demonstrate that with ingenuity and inventiveness, creativity and courage, it is possible to shift mindsets and reframe the entire psychology of people and places.

The conference will welcome an international gathering of 600 community builders, business leaders, policy makers, urban thinkers and experts from the fields of arts, science, government, commerce, education, and social services who are dedicated to motivating constructive change.

For more information, please contact: Artscape Head Office, 60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 111, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 1X9, Canda; tel.: 416-392-1038; fax: 416-392-1059; e-mail: info@torontoartscape.on.ca; www.torontoartscape.on.ca/cps

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Transnational Pilot Course for Radical Aesthetics

Barcelona, Linz, Lüneburg, Napoli, Paris, and Vienna,
October 2005 - September 2006

In the context of two research projects starting in autumn 2005 the eipcp (European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies) will organize a Transnational Pilot Course for Radical Aesthetics. The components of this one-year course will take place between October 2005 and September 2006 in different European cities: Barcelona, Linz, Lüneburg, Napoli, Paris, and Vienna.

Aimed at fostering the transnational exchange and discourse on art and activism, the course will reflect on concrete activist and critical projects, accompanying them with discursive events and theoretical workshops.

Activists, artists and student are invited to send their applications to contact@eipcp.net by 27 July 2005. For more information please visit http://www.eipcp.net/radicalaesthetics.html.

Contact: eipcp - European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies, Gumpendorfer Strasse 63b, A-1060 Vienna, Austria; e-mail: contact@eipcp.net; www.eipcp.net

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Music and Society in the 21st Century

World Forum on Music
Los Angeles, California, USA, 1-5 October 2005

The International Music Council (IMC) and the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs are organizing the World Forum of Music, a global knowledge-building platform on Music and Society in the 21st Century to be held in Los Angeles, USA, on 1-5 October 2005. Seeking synergies across different sectors, it will provide opportunities for government officials, private sector executives, and professionals from the civil society, scholars, artists, and students to engage in serious debates on current key issues.

The first bi-annual World Forum on Music will review current trends and future prospects and develop strategies and actions related to the production, promotion, and accessibility of diverse music. It aims to enhance opportunities for knowledge building as well as professional networking and relationship brokering. Its in-depth program will consist of daily plenary sessions, seminars and technical workshops, exhibitions and showcases of diverse music productions and contents, business meetings, and a Marketplace.

Contact: World Forum on Music, c/o Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles, 201 North Figueroa Street, Suite 1400, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA; tel.: 213.202.5500; e-mail: info@WorldForumOnMusic.com; http://www.worldforumonmusic.com/

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31st Annual Conference on Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STP&A)

Eugene, Oregon, USA, 6-8 October 2005

The 31st Annual Conference on Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STP&A) will take place at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon from 6 to 8 October 2005. This international and inter-disciplinary gathering of researchers, policy makers and practitioners that highlights current and conceptual issues in the development of cultural policy, theory, and arts administration practices in the U.S. and abroad, welcomes participation from a broad range of disciplines, including, but not limited to, sociology, political science, management, economics, law, arts education, history and art history, and museum studies, as well as more applied policy and management perspectives.

The main theme of the 2005 conference is Cultural Development, but papers on a wide range of topics are encouraged. Proposals for papers should be no more than one page, while proposals for sessions should list the participants, paper titles and included abstracts of the papers. The deadline for proposals is 15 March 2005.

Proposals should be submitted to: Prof. Patricia Dewey, Conference Chair, Arts and Administration Program, 5230 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-5230, USA; e-mail: stpa@uoregon.edu; http://aad.uoregon.edu/STPA.htm

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International Culture Fair 'Caucasus 2005'

Tbilisi, Georgia, 14-21 October 2005

Organized by the Stichting Caucasus Foundation (SCF), the International Culture Fair 'Caucasus 2005' will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 14-21 October 2005, at which producers, managers, renowned art experts, agents, and representatives of art festivals and auctions are invited to rebuild the ancient Caucasus marketplace. For the first time Caucasian showcases in theatre, music, cinema, visual arts and crafts will be organized.

Three conferences will be held during the Fair:

  • A Soul for Europe: European Cultural Policy beyond the European Union (how to involve Caucasian actors in the Berlin Process - followup meeting to the 2004 Berlin conference),
  • Caucasian Arts Managers Meting, and
  • Art and Economy.

Application deadline and deadline for catalogue entries is 20 August 2005.

Contact: Caucasus Arts Managers Network CAMN / Stichting Caucasus Foundation (SCF, Netherlands), 45, Chavchavadze ave., Tbilisi 0162, Georgia; tel.: (995 32) 25 00 89; tel./fax: (995 32) 29 43 06; fax: (995-32) 250089; e-mail: cultfair2003@lingua.edu.ge; www.caucasusfoundation.ge

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Sustaining World Heritage in the 21st Century

11th International Conference of National Trusts
Washington, DC, USA, 15-19 October 2005

The 11th International Conference of National Trusts, to be held in Washington, DC, on 15-19 October 2005, will feature a rich array of global leaders from the preservation and conservation fields. Some of the world's most important leaders, activists, and practitioners in the fields of preservation, heritage tourism, historic site management, and conservation will be addressing the conference theme of Sustaining World Heritage in the 21st Century.

International speakers at the plenary sessions include representatives from other members of the National Trust movement around the world as well as colleagues from a variety of heritage preservation organizations. The workshop sessions will feature an array of speakers from various countries, organizations, and perspectives. Besides the United States, speakers have been invited from Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Russia, Scotland, and Senegal.

The conference is offering scholarships to all heritage professionals who wish to attend and may have problems finding funding. There is a particular stream of funding available to heritage professionals from Russia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

The programme and the scholarship application information is available online. For more information and to register for the conference (please ignore deadline of 30 June), visit www.nationaltrust.org/international or contact Rob Nieweg at Robert_Nieweg@nthp.org or Elizabeth Welsh at Elizabeth_Welsh@nthp.org.

Contact: National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1785 Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington, DC 20036-2117, USA; tel.: 1-800-944-6847, 202.588.6000; fax: 202.588.6038; http://www.nationaltrust.org/

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International Course of Actor's Training & Contemporary Directing

IUGTE Professionals to Professionals Programme
International Festival Theatre Methods 06
Kiev, Ukraine, on 17-22 October 2005

The International University Global Theatre Experience (IUGTE) invites stage artists from all over the world to participate in the programme entitled Professionals to Professionals through intensive practical work, theoretical lectures and discussions making up its International Course of Actor's Training & Contemporary Directing to be carried out in the framework of the International Festival Theatre Methods 06, organized in Kiev, Ukraine, on 17-22 October 2005.

The object of the Course is practical research into methods of contemporary directing and major aspects of successful production. Gathering theatre directors, playwrights, actors of dramatic, physical, musical and dance theatres, choreographers, teachers of theatre methods and senior students of theatre departments, the programme is devided into four sessions:

  • Session I: Director since Reading the Play till Meeting the Actors
    17-22 October 2005,
  • Session II: Director since Meeting the Actors till the Premiere
    23-28 January 2006,
  • Session III: the theme will be defined jointly with the participants of Sessions I and II, 24-29 April 2006, and
  • Session IV: Creation of the Performance, July 2006.

The course programme offers both the possibility to attend the entire course or to take part in separate sessions.

Contact: Inga Ryazanoff, Chief Executive, International University 'Global Theatre Experience' (IUGTE), MBC, Radissson SAS Daugava, 24 Kugu Street, Riga LV1048, Latvia; tel.: +380 50 44 100 45; fax: +380 44 4436704; e-mail: inga@iugte.com; www.iugte.com

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8th Conference 'European Culture'

Europe: Encounters and Frontiers
Pamplona, Spain, 19-22 October 2005

Organized by the Centre for European Studies and the Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Navarra, Spain, this scientific forum for dialogue and encounter of multidisciplinary character is to be held in Pamplona, Spain, from 19-22 October 2005. Wishing to see 'culture' in its widest significance, the Congress is open to every scientific and artistic field, referring both to shared characteristics and diversity.

This year's event will be held under the title Europe: Encounters and Frontiers, intended not to be based on a hypothesis ('European Culture'), but rather on a method (an encounter). Participation is invited.

The first deadline for paper abstracts is 30 April 2005, the second deadline for professionals ends on 31 July 2005. Proposals should be submitted by e-mail to ebanus@unav.es.

Contact: Prof. Enrique Banús, Centro de Estudios Europeos, Edificio de Derecho, Universidad de Navarra, 31080 Pamplona, Spain; tel.: +34 948 42 56 34; fax: +34 948 42 56 22; e-mail: ebanus@unav.es; http://www.unav.es/cee/viiicongre.html

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Arts - Towards an Inclusive Society, Northern Ireland 2005

Belfast, UK, 21-23 October 2005

Arts - Towards an Inclusive Society, Northern Ireland 2005 is an international community arts conference being organised by the Community Arts Forum in conjunction with the Belfast Festival at Queen's. The event will bring together arts and community activists, policy makers, artists, and other experts to examine the role of the arts in bringing about meaningful social change. Delegates will visit communities in and around Belfast and participate in workshops to explore community arts processes and practices with particular emphasis on issues of access, participation, authorship and ownership.

A key aim is to encourage and foster professional exchanges and partnerships. The Community Arts Forum (CAF) will be building an online global Community Arts Network for sharing ideas and experience and a Community Arts Partners’ Bank as a starting point for meaningful and sustained global community arts exchanges.

Conference themes are:

  • Transforming communities through the arts access, participation. authorship, and ownership,
  • Arts in the context of conflict: What are we learning?, and
  • Transforming the arts through communities: sustainability, connections, interdependence.

For more information: visit http://www.caf.ie/conference/info.asp or contact pfreedman@caf.ie

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Creative Clusters 2005

Call for Speakers
Belfast, UK, 24-26 October 2005

Creative Clusters, a conference and network for people working in the development of creative industries, has issued a Call for Speakers.

Creative Clusters 2005 will have three thematic strands, and one open section:

  • Investing in Creativity,
  • Delivering Skills for Creativity, and
  • Inclusion Through Creativity.

The conference will feature case studies, policy symposiums, workshops and poster presentations to create new opportunities for analysis, discussion, peer-exchange and networking. Creative Clusters is interested in regeneration and development projects that deliver outcomes in both cultural and economic terms.

Proposals should be submitted online by 16 May 2005.

Contact: Creative Clusters Ltd, The Workstation, Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX, UK; tel.: + 44 (0)114 249 4334; e-mail: andrew.moore@creativeclusters.com; http://www.creativeclusters.com

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IV Mercator International Symposium on European Minority Languages

Translation of Culture, Culture of Translation: Languages in Film, Television and Literature
Aberystwyth, Wales, 26-28 October 2005

The 4th Mercator International Symposium on European Minority Languages will be held on 26-28 October 2005 in Aberystwyth, Wales, under the title Translation of Culture, Culture of Translation: Languages in Film, Television and Literature, focusing on multifaceted aspects of language transfer through these media.

The symposium seeks contributions from those active as practitioners and policy-makers in the audiovisual and literary fields (producers, directors, broadcasters, subtitlers and dubbers, scriptwriters, publishers, authors, translators) as well as those concerned with these issues in an academic context. While the emphasis will be on autochthonous minority languages, connections may be made with issues of concern to smaller state languages, migrant languages and cultural production originating from beyond the metropolitan mainstream. Key areas of discussion will include:

  • politics of translation
  • effects of 'global' culture
  • cultural policy and translation
  • language transfer and cultural transfer
  • translation and language planning
  • international partnerships
  • digital technology and the internet
  • sign languages in the audiovisual media
  • learners and fluent speakers as audiences/readers
  • children as audience/readers

Abstracts (approximately 500 words) or suggestions for panel discussions should be sent by 1 June 2005 to george.jones@aber.ac.uk. Notification of acceptance will be sent 1 July 2005, registration closes 10 October 2005.

Contact: Mercator Media (International Symposium 2005), Dept. of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, University of Wales Aberystwyth, Y Buarth, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion SY23 1NN, Wales, UK; e-mail: george.jones@aber.ac.uk; http://www.aber.ac.uk/mercator

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Theatre/Society: Problems and Perspectives

Kaunas, Lithuania, 27-28 October 2005

Theatre/Society: Problems and Perspectives is the title of the international conference organised by the Department of Theatre Studies at the Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania, to be held on 27-28 October 2005. The event is of interdisciplinary character, inviting participants both to investigate the interrelations of theatre or performative art forms and society as well as to analyze the manifestations of theatricality in the socio-cultural milieu.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Power, Politics, Art, Community: Performative interventions; Hybrid forms/liminal states; Theatre as the metaphor for society; Theatre and institutions.
  • Theatre as Cultural Memory: Nostalgia or revision: experiences of the Soviet past; Resistant theatre: past and present; Society of spectacle and national theatre; Sur/re/vival of the avant-garde project.
  • New Mimetic Strategies: Transformations of reality in theatre; Media(ted) reality; Public theatre/Private theatre; Theatre trauma and therapy.
  • Subject, Interpretation, Ideology: Perception/Vision within historical and cultural contexts; Author/Interpreter: subject positions in performance; Theatre criticism/social activism.

Contact: Vytautas Magnus University, Department of Theatre Studies, Laisves al. 53-401, Kaunas LT-44309, Lithuania; tel.: (37037) 32 78 79, 32 78 77; fax.: (37037) 20 38 58; e-mail: jurga_staniskyte@fc.vdu.lt; http://www.vdu.lt/konferencijos/20051027/index_a.htm

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Strategies for the Future of Culture: Dresden in Global Context

Dresden, Germany, 27-29 October 2005

Aiming to examine how cultural creation, display and preservation will evolve in the 21st century, the conference entitled Strategies for the Future of Culture: Dresden in Global Context, to be held in Dresden, Germany, on 27-29 October 2005, will discuss the impact of terrorism, political instability, increasing urbanism, and ecological disasters on cultural institutions and on the creation of new artistic works in all fields and media. Attention will also be given to legal issues: preventing looting, legal ownership of objects or sites versus the notion of stewardship, and the inevitable legal ramifications and effects on cultural heritage of the increased cost of protecting cultural property.

Particular attention will be paid to the sensitivities involved in different approaches to the preservation and display of cultural and artistic works, and to the complex relationship between presentation and audience reaction. Last, mindful of the unequal distribution of resources for the creation, perpetuation and preservation of the arts, we will also consider the development of sustainable solutions to this challenging problem.

Contact: Lisa Koenigsberg, Advisor to the Dean for Arts Initiatives, NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies, 10 Astor Place, Suite 502, New York, NY 10003, USA; tel.: 212-998-7137; http://www.scps.nyu.edu/dresdenculture

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Second European Urban Theatre Festival

Manchaster, England, 1-5 November 2005

The Second European Urban Theatre Festival, to be held in Manchaster, England, on 1-5 November 2005, will feature speakers to represent a range of perspectives at a major conference and performances from artists from across Europe. Artists, policy makers and producers are invited to participate as performers, speakers or delegates.

The deadline for proposals for involvement is 31 December 2005. Project proposals should explain how your work contributes to an investigation and exploration into what urban means in your own social and economic context.

For more information, please contact: EUTF, c/o The Green Room, 54-56 Whitworth street West, Manchester M1 5WW, United Kingdom; e-mail: info@eutf.net; http://www.visitingarts.org.uk/news/04oct_eutf.html

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Balkan Dance Platform 2005 (BDP)

Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, 3-6 November 2005

Lokomotiva, the Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture, is announcing the third edition of the Balkan Dance Platform 2005 (BDP), to be held in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, on 3–6 November 2005.

Lokomotiva is an organization that aims to create space and possibilities for the development of an independent art scene, to integrate young artistic potentials, and to realize new initiatives and ideas through its programmes and activities in form of production, education and presentation of contemporary arts (visual and media, contemporary dance) on a national and international level.

BDP 2005 aims to encourage talented and innovative individuals and groups to present their concepts preserving their originality and creativity. Its main focus is to present and promote fresh concepts and new artistic ideas and initiatives in contemporary dance in the Balkan region.

Contact: Elena Stanisheva, Project Coordinator, Lokomotiva, Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture, Ivan Milutinovic 29/3, MK-1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia; tel.: + 389 2 31 12 993, + 389 2 32 45 726; e-mail: guest@lokomotiva.org.mk; http://www.lokomotiva.org.mk

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Inclusive Europe? Horizon 2020

Budapest, Hungary, 17-20 November 2005

Organised by the Hungarian Ministry of Cultural Heritage in cooperation with the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage (EFAH), the Conference Inclusive Europe? Horizon 2020 will bring together ministers and other high administrators of European culture in Budapest, Hungary, 17-20 November 2005, aiming to maintain the momentum created by the Berlin conference A Soul for Europe in November 2004.

As the title suggests, the conference will cover two topics:

  • Inclusive Europe - exploring concepts and practice related to the notions of cultural 'democratisation' and cultural 'democracy'. Debate will focus on the issues of access, equity, participation and voice implied in these notions. There will be a special emphasis on the relationship of the latter to the types of cultural difference that are particularly salient in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Horizon 2020 - focusing on prospective visions. The aim is to elevate participants of the Budapest conference - including invited ministers and high officials of the European Commission - from their condensed agenda, and to divert attention towards visions of European culture in 2020. Eminent intellectuals and political philosophers will be invited to examine the future of European culture from various angles, especially the prospects of cultural democracy. Speakers will furthermore explore other - anthropological, demographic, technological, economic, security etc. - factors, as well as the internal dynamics of arts.

This event representing another stage on the way towards firmly establishing the role of culture in the construction of the new Europe, will, at the same time, incorporate the annual EFAH Conference and Assembly General Meeting.

For further information, please contact info@inclusiveeurope.hu or see http://www.inclusiveeurope.hu/.

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Culture in the Euro-Mediterranean Space

Barcelona, Spain, 22-23 November 2005

The Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia and the Interarts Foundation are hosting an international conference entitled Culture in the Euro-Mediterranean Space, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain, 22-23 November 2005. Aimed at cultural agents working in the Euro-Mediterranean region and professionals with interest in collaboration, exchange and cooperation, the programme is designed to combine intellectual contributions from relevant personalities together with sessions of debate.

A Plenary Session will be held under the title of Cultural Roots and Movements, followed by simultaneously held Working Groups on Creation and Mobility; Culture and Social Change; Cultural Diversity; and Cooperation, Cities and Culture in the Mediterranean. The working groups will present and analyze experiences and discuss new foundations for dialogue between cultures from the perspective of cultural cooperation.

Contact: Alana Henry, Fundació Interarts, Carrer Mallorca 272, 9a, 08037 Barcelona, Spain; tel.: 934 877 022; fax: 934 872 644; e-mail: ahenry@interarts.net; http://www.interarts.net/eng/5.3_novetat.php?newId=43

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3rd International Language, Communication, Culture Conference

Évora, Portugal, 23-25 November 2005

The 3rd International Language, Communication, Culture Conference, to be held at the University of Évora, Portugal, on 23-25 November 2005, aims to bring together academics, intellectuals and practitioners in the areas of media and cultural studies and the social sciences and humanities from around the world and to promote informed discussion on globalisation, democracy and culture as a theme relevant for intellectual work in language, communication and culture studies, research and practice. The Conference will be structured around three general topics.

International and interdisciplinary 20-minute papers are invited on the following topics:

  • The languages of globalisation, the languages of culture - politics of language learning and language hegemony in a global world; languages of democratic international cinema; languages of documentary and humanist photography;languages and (cultural) identities; performative languages of gender and race; narrative models of media discourses as a 'fast-food' culture industry.
  • Globalisation and democracy in global communication - the Media, the West and the Rest; globalisation / glocalisation strategies and tactics in the Media; journalism and war; the Media and terrorism; the Media and human rights; press freedom and (democratic) self-regulation; the Media and alternative (and independent) politics; new Media and new democracy.
  • Globalisation and culture - globalisation and cultural internationalism: learning / unlearning dominative global discourses and practices; negotiating meaning across cultural differences and in multicultural discourses; forms of democratic participation in formal and informal communities of cultural practice and shared languages; cultural knowledge in the Information Age: learning how to acquire, transfer, produce and use cultural knowledge effectively and in innovative ways; processing cultural knowledge in the informational society; new cultural intermediaries.

Abstracts should be submitted online at www.lcc2005.pt.vu. Application deadline is 11 September 2005.

Contact: Ao Sul - Congressos e Eventos, Lda, ao.sul@mail.telepac.pt; Ana Clara Birrento, acbirrento@netvisao.pt, birrento@uevora.pt

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Human Being, Culture and Society in the Context of Globalization

Moscow, Russia, 25-27 November 2005

In cooperation with the UNESCO Moscow Office, the Russian Institute for Cultural Research is organising an international scientific conference entitled Human Being, Culture and Society in the Context of Globalization, to be held in Moscow on 25-27 November 2005, with the aim to bring together Russian and foreign researchers, and representatives of scientific and academic institutions.

Discussions will be held in five concurrent sessions, covering:

  • Culture Globalisation (moderator Dr. Kirill Razlogov)
  • Human Being, Culture and Society: Multifarious Research Methodology (moderator Prof. Yury Reznik)
  • Dialogue of Cultures in Museum Space (moderator Dr. Eleanora Shoulepova)
  • Problems of Education and Enculturation in the Modern World (moderator Dr. Irina Bykhovskaya)
  • Cultural Diversity in the Global World (moderator Tatiana Fedorova)

The deadline for submission of applications is 1 October and for papers 15 October 2005.

Contact: Mrs Zarifa Boutaeva or Mrs Tatiana Fedorova, Conference Secretariat, Russian Institute for Cultural Research, Bersenevskaya nab. 20, 119072 Moscow, Russia; tel.: 7 (095) 959 09 08; fax: 7 (095) 959 10 17; e-mail: globcult@mail.ru

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VI Mercado Cultural

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, 6-11 December 2005

The VI Mercado Cultural will take place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, 6-11 December 2005. Each artistic programme of the Cultural Market will be designed by a curator specialized in a particular area. The opportunity for the selective process is currently open.

Those who are interested in participating in the event's selective process should send the enrolment material to the following address: Instituto Cultural Casa Via Magia (Mercado Cultural), Rua Henriqueta Catarino, 123, Federaçao, Salvador BA, CEP 40230-101, Brazil.

For more information, please contact: e-mail: mercado@viamagia.com.br

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Racisms in the New World Order: Realities of Culture, Colour and Identity

Coolum, Queensland, Australia, 8-9 December 2005

The Centre for Multicultural and Community Development (CMCD), University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, organises a conference under the title Racisms in the New World Order: Realities of Culture, Colour and Identity, to be held in Coolum, Queensland, Australia, on 8-9 December 2005. The conference will provide opportunity to examine the contemporary manifestations of racism across the world around the following key themes:

  • media and racism,
  • official racism,
  • racism and the War on Terror,
  • racisms in the New World Order,
  • new manifestations of racism, and
  • responses to racism.

Representatives from community, government and other organisations, as well as academics are invited to attend the conference to develop a better understanding of racism and ways to combat it. The closing date for the call for papers has been extended to the end of September 2005.

For more information, please contact: Mitra Khakbaz, Coordinator, Centre for Multicultural and Community Development (CMCD), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore DC Qld 4558, Australia; tel.: 07 3210 6951; fax: 07 3210 6967; e-mail: mkhakbaz@usc.edu.au; http://www.usc.edu.au/Research/Centres/

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New Challenges in a World Longing for Peace

International Congress on Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue
Bilbao, Spain, 11-13 December 2005

Under the title New Challenges in a World Longing for Peace, the International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Barandiaran Kristau Alkartea - Pax Romana in collaboration with UNESCO Etxea organizes the International Congress on Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue to be held in Bilbao, Spain on 11-13 December 2005.

The conference is a display of confidence in the power of communicative reason. It aims to bring together different lines of thought and action, and sit experts and stakeholders down at the same table. One of the basic aims of this meeting is to raise awareness among as much of the population as possible regarding the challenges which need to be faced in order to create, strengthen and maintain a culture of peace.

Paper proposals are now being accepted around five broad congress themes:

  • paths towards inter-religious and intercultural dialogue;
  • the need for taking into account the cultural and religious factors in constructing a just and peaceful global society;
  • universality in difference;
  • educational factors;
  • concrete proposals for the present day situation.

Short 300-500 word descriptions and brief CVs should be sent via e-mail to congreso@bkamiic.org. Deadline for submission is 1 September 2005.

Contact: Susana Mediavilla, Congress Secretariat, Haretxa. Asociación para el Diálogo interreligioso, Alda. San Mamés 43 bis – 8º, E- 48010 Bilbao; tel.: +34.94.4100052; e-mail: congreso@bkamiic.org; http://www.icii-bilbao.org

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12th International Artists Residency and Seminar

Budapest, Hungary, 27 December 2005 - 6 January 2006

The Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc. (HMC), a nonprofit organization, invites 30 interested visual artists and writers to apply for its residency programme and seminar to be held in Budapest, Hungary, between 27 December 2005 and 6 January 2006. The programme aims to investigate and show contemporary art and develop theoretical and practical self-help through critical development. Lectures will be held, followed by open discussions. Invited artists will give presentation of their projects. The group seminar system will act as a catalyst for all other activities, including studio work and museum-gallery visits.

HMC's task is to maintain a space for creation, discussion and debate, it does not provide funding for residencies. The residencies offer participants a unique opportunity to interact with other artists representing a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Artists are expected to leave one piece of the work created during the residency as a donation to the HMC. The donated work will be exhibited at the EU Gallery in Budapest.

Application and Selection Deadlines

1 November 2005: Last day to receive entry form, slides and fee.
5 November 2005: Accepted/rejected notification cards mailed

Entry forms may be requested from bszechy@yahoo.com

For further inofrmation, please contact: Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc., P.O.Box 141374, Dallas, Texas, USA; tel.: 75214-1374; e-mail: bszechy@yahoo.com; http://www.hungarian-multicultural-center.com