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MA in Cultural Policy and Arts Management

University College Dublin

The University College Dublin is organizing a one-year, full-time MA course enabling participants to understand the theory and practice of cultural policy and arts management, to develop leadership and strategic policy perspectives and to acquire research expertise. The course is designed for those developing professional careers in arts and cultural management, including the performing and community arts, museums and galleries, and the heritage and cultural industries. It is presented in four parts:

  • Policy Studies - This examines the policy context for the cultural sector and includes study of the social and economic context; public policy and administration; comparative studies in cultural policy; and management and employment policy for the sector.
  • Business Studies - A range of business subjects appropriate to cultural management is provided. Courses include accountancy; management; business administration; and marketing.
  • Work Experience - A ten-week internship in a cultural organisation offers students the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts developed in the programme to the practical work environment.
  • Dissertation - A 10,000 word dissertation constitutes an academic study demanding a high level of application and commitment to research.

The deadline for applications is 15 April 2004.

For more information, please contact: Arts Administration Studies, Room J012, John Henry Newman Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland, tel.: + 353 1 7168625, fax +353 1 7168226; e-mail: artsadministration.studies@ucd.ie