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Members' Activities 2005

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70 Cents for Culture Campaign

Support the Initiative!

Initiated by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and the European Forum for the Arts & Heritage (EFAH), the '70 Cents for Culture' campaign, aiming to boost the resources which the EU makes available for culture, launches at the European Parliament in Brussels on 15 March, supported by personalities from the arts, politics, business, and an array of NGOs.

One of the policy recommendations arising from the Sharing Cultures Conference, held in Rotterdam in July 2004, has burgeoned into an energetic lobbying campaign, summed up in the slogan '70 cents for culture'. A merely adequately resourced EU culture programme would require an annual budget of at least 315 million Euros (70 cents per EU citizen) as opposed to the present 34 million Euros allocated to the EUís sole budget-line for culture (this would equal the cultural budget of the city of Helsinki!).

2005 will be a crucial year for determining the next multi-annual EU budget and funding for the new cultural framework programme Culture 2007 - the successor to Culture 2000 as a programme that functions trans-nationally and complements national initiatives. Now is the opportunity to influence the programme's budget, which will be fixed for the coming seven years (2007 - 2013).

The '70 cents for culture' proposal is backed by the European Parliament's Culture Committee and has received the endorsement of four major political parties in the European Parliament (Group of the European People's Party, Socialist Group, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe and Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance).

The campaign Manifesto can be viewed at www.eurocult.org. Please support this important campaign by:

  • signing the campaign manifesto,
  • disseminating information on the campaign among your network, colleagues and interested parties, and
  • helping to lobby for an increased EU culture budget for 2007-2013.

For more information, please contact: Isabelle Schwarz, European Cultural Foundation, Jan van Goyenkade 5, 1075 HN Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 20 5733868; fax: +31 20 6752231; e-mail: ischwarz@eurocult.org; www.eurocult.org