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European Diploma in Cultural Project Management

Call for Applications

The European Diploma in Cultural Project Management organized by the Fondation Marcel Hicter is a pan-European training and learning programme arising from the will to foster cultural diversity and interregional exchange in Europe. Each year, around 25 professionals from 20 countries are taking part in the programme.

The programme is designed for young, already experienced and project-oriented European cultural managers from public and private organizations. Applicants must have at least three years of professional experience in either contributing to the cultural development of a territory or developing and spreading artistic / cultural projects. Participants must already have a good knowledge of European, national and regional cultural institutions and policies and have developed skills in the administration and management of cultural projects.

The European Diploma 2006/2007, the 16th edition of this programme, is to take place between May 2006 and June 2007. The training includes three elements - theory, practice and evaluation - which are organized in five stages: two residential phases that last two weeks in the partner countries of the Diploma, interspersed by a phase of field work in the participant's home country and a one to two-week period spent in another European region, plus one week evaluation phase at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi (Greece).

Through its content and methodology, this pan-European programme is specific in the way that it not only aims at improving the skills of cultural administrators in the field of cultural management and administration, but also helps participants develop an understanding of these fields in a changing Europe. Its main aims are to make participants aware of the challenges within their field of action and influence, and to develop approaches and tools needed for a cooperative and creative cultural workforce in Europe.

The deadline for application is 15 January 2006. The selection is based on existing qualifications and relevant professional experience, as well as on the quality and feasibility of the submitted project.

For more detailed information, please contact: Fondation Hicter, 2 Place M. Van Meenen, 1060 Brussels, Belgium; tel.: +32 2 641 89 80; fax: +32 2 641 89 81; e-mail: contact@fondation-hicter.org; www.fondation-hicter.org