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Call for Associate Editor

World Cultures Yearbook

The World Cultures Yearbook is looking for a scholar from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, or the Middle East to join the core Editorial Team, currently made up of the Yearbook's Principal Investigator (Helmut K. Anheier) and its Managing Editor (Yudhishthir Raj Isar). The Associate Editor's particular responsibility will be to develop content relevant to the non-Western World, involve scholars and experts from a greater diversity of regions and backgrounds, and contribute to the Yearbook’s international presence, visibility and impact.

Under the direction of the Principal Investigator and in close cooperation with the Managing Editor, the Associate Editor will contribute to the Yearbook in five major task areas, with special emphasis on non-Western regions:

  • Acquisition: Soliciting, acquiring and reviewing proposals and texts for possiblepublication.
  • Substantive Editing: Arranging for reviews of proposals, papers and chapters by independent experts; researching typescript to determine accuracy and completeness; communicating to authors the outcome of the review process; discussing with authors suggested and required changes in their typescripts and ensuring that appropriate revisions are made in response to reviewer recommendations.
  • Administration: with UCLA and the Managing Editor for: the preparation of contracts with authors; the compiling and maintaining of contact and address information; the Yearbook’s dissemination.
  • Outreach: Maintaining contact with academic and cultural circles, particularly in the Global South, with a view to identifying pertinent trends and potential new contributors.
  • Other: Performing miscellaneous other tasks related to the work, as agreed upon with the Principal Investigator and the Managing Editor. This will prominently include tasks related to the ongoing development of the Yearbook’s conceptual and methodological framework as well as on its organization and dissemination plans.

Demonstrated knowledge of contemporary cultural issues and debates in different geo-cultural settings, but with emphasis on non-Western regions, and ability to identify and interact with leading thinkers and researchers in the field are a must. Some editorial experience in a publishing or related setting including first-hand practice of copy editing, researching and evaluating texts in the social science and humanities disciplines for accuracy, clarity and content are also required.

The workload is expected to average to one day per week. The initial appointment will be for one year, i.e., for the production of the 2008 World Cultures Report, beginning 30 March 2006, and may be extended to cover future editions. The position is funded by the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development.

Contact: If interested, please submit letter of application and current CV to at Jocelyn Guihama.