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Built Heritage Project Specialist

Job Opening

The Getty Conservation Institute's (GCI) Education Department is seeking a Project Specialist (Built Heritage). The GCI, located in Los Angeles, California, and one of the operating programs of the J. Paul Getty Trust, serves the international conservation field by working strategically to advance practice in the profession. Activities include scientific research, education and training, dissemination of information, and carefully selected field projects, all directed towards unsolved problems in the conservation field.

The Project Specialist (Built Heritage) will contribute professional expertise to GCI education projects focusing on conservation of built heritage, with special emphasis on architecture, archaeological sites and historic cities. Will be involved in designing and implementing projects that apply and test new research and practical approaches for the conservation of built heritage. Must have a broad knowledge of the issues and best practices associated with the conservation and management of historic sites. Experience should also encompass an understanding of how to teach about conservation in a wide variety of cultural contexts. A professional background in either architecture, historic preservation planning or urban development as they apply to archaeological and/or historic sites and cities would be highly desirable, as would some experience in training and evaluation as they relate to built heritage conservation education.

The Project Specialist (Built Heritage) will have an important role in helping a growing team of professionals in the GCI's Education Department to develop new practical methodologies and engage in innovative, applied research related to built heritage education. Therefore, the Project Specialist should have a strong interest in pedagogy and a willingness to prepare and present GCI courses, meetings or workshops. The Project Specialist will be expected to provide advice and guidance about educational issues with staff from other departments of the GCI. Duties also include conducting research as well as writing, publishing or presenting research results at professional venues; and helping to prepare budgets for multi-year projects.

Qualifications: A minimum of 5 years working experience in the areas of either architecture and historic building technologies, urban planning and preservation, or archaeological site conservation. Graduate degree in either historic preservation or conservation is preferred. Additional experience in teaching or designing education projects is preferred. Must be adaptable, analytical, a positive problem-solver and a creative thinker. Skill and experience in project management and in working both nationally and internationally with multi-disciplinary teams is essential. Excellent oral and written communication skills are also necessary. Must be available for frequent travel internationally. An ability to read, write and speak at least one foreign language is necessary.

An excellent benefits package and salary commensurate with experience will be provided. International candidates welcome. To apply, please send your curriculum vitae and cover letter by 10 December 2007 to gcistaffing@getty.edu or fax to 310-440-6182.