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European Diploma in Cultural Project Management 2008/09

Call for Applications

The European Diploma in Cultural Project Management is a pan-European training programme, organized and managed by the Hicter Fondation, arising from the will to foster cultural diversity as well as trans-regional and transnational cultural exchanges. The course objective is threefold:

  • to strengthen the knowledge of cultural managers about European, national and regional cultural policies;
  • to improve management skills to run cultural co-operation projects;
  • to develop a network of European cultural managers.

The European Diploma is organized so that participants carry on with their professional activities. The program lasts one year and includes three elements (theory, practice and evaluation) organized in five stages: two residential sessions of a fortnight each, to take place in Finland in May and in Cyprus in October 2008; interspersed by a phase of field work in the participant's home country and a one to two-weeks period spent in another European region, plus a one-week evaluation phase which will take place in June 2009 and includes the presentation of the participants projects and the organization of a thematic seminar.

The session themes are Europe and culture, project management, cultural co-operation, operational management of cultural projects, fund raising etc. Between the residential sessions and the evaluation phase, the trainees return to their jobs and in parallel work on their own project. They also have to do a comparative study, visiting another region of Europe.

The training is aimed at cultural managers from public or private organizations who are actively involved in the management of cultural and artistic projects in their region, with at least 3 years experience. The training languages are French and English, the age limit is 45, and the participation fee of 3.000 Euros. The deadline for applications is 15 January 2008.

More information and an application form are available at www.fondation-hicter.org/uk/Forma/Diplome%20/Diplome.html.