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M.A. in Curating Contemporary Art

Call for Applications

The Leeds School of Contemporary Art & Graphic Design of the Leeds Metropolitan University, invites applications to its M.A. in Curating Contemporary Art, commencing in October 2008. The application deadline is 25 June 2008.

The M.A. in Curating Contemporary Art is focused on the practical: between the making, performance, distribution, and curating of art in the contexts of its international markets. Students will be required to engage practically and critically by developing personal curatorial projects. This highly productive M.A. course will operate professionally and energetically across both the commercial and institutional fields of distribution of art's expanding markets.

Applications for this fully accredited M.A. are welcome from practising artists and curators, new or inexperienced graduates in art, design, and art history or with experience in a related academic, or professional / commercial practice. Study is undertaken full-time, to be completed in one year, or part time, over two years. The M.A. course is taught by lecture, seminar and tutorial, to produce a body of course work, with departmental accommodation situated at Leeds Metropolitan University itself and with gallery / office space and seminar clinics held in London.

The course seeks to be open to diversity, experiment in untried, innovative approaches. In common with the other art and design programmes each participant works through a self-identified project. A project may be for example executed in establishing programmes for artists-run spaces and galleries; entering professional networks online; designing digital forms for museums; realising exhibitions, from start to finish.Online curating projects are to be considered as valuable research documents of curatorial work, and will be assessed by the same criteria applied to exhibitionary projects, in their own right.

Application forms and advice on funding are available from the contact below.

Contact: Gill Kirk, Administrator, The Leeds School of Contemporary Art & Graphic Design, Leeds Metropolitan University, Room 708 H Building, Civic Quarter, Leeds, LS1 3HE, United Kingdom; tel.: +44 [0] 113 812 9094; fax: +44 [0] 113 812 3094; e-mail: g.kirk@leedsmet.ac.uk; fas19069.leedsmet.ac.uk/cagdpostgraduate/curating.php