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ArtsLink Residencies

ArtsLink Residencies place artists and arts managers from Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus at US arts organizations for five-week residencies. Host organizations are selected by CEC staff from an application process open to non-profit organizations from all fifty US states. The disciplines funded are alternated each year. The application deadline for the performing arts and literature residency to take place in autumn 2009 is 10 November 2008, and the one for visual and media arts, scheduled for autumn 2010 is 9 November 2008.

Contact: Chelsey Morell, Program Coordinator, ArtsLink Awards & Communications, 435 Hudson Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10014, USA; tel.: 212.643.1985 x22; fax: 212.643.1996, www.cecartslink.org/artslink_residencies.php