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Liminal Screen Co-production Residency

Banff, Canada, 26 February 29 March 2009

The Liminal Screen Co-production Residency at The Banff Centre provides a unique take on video-based residency programmes by engaging artists, developers, and researchers in a collective critical inquiry into video as a medium. This residency will focus its inquiry on the transitions between screen and life, as the screen reinforces its central position as an ubiquitous communications portal, data visualization surface and frame on an ever more meditated world.

The process of the residency is open-ended. In the company of peers participants can complete, develop, or experiment with screen-based work. The artists selected for the program will receive technical and programming support as needed. Dedicated studio time is supplemented with a program of group activities including peer critique, thematic screenings and discussion. Residents will also receive studio visits from senior artists, technicians and curators; and access to broader art-based resources of The Banff Centre.

Practitioners from all walks of screen-based practice are encouraged to apply to the program. We are particularly interested in practice that extends its investigation of the screen out into other media or networks (biological, philosophical, social and other systems) and explores the spaces and relationships between screen, mind and hard reality. Application deadline is 24 November 2008.

For details, please see www.banffcentre.ca/programs/program.aspx?id=728