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Members' Activities 2008

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Arts Planet Launch

Visiting Arts and the British Council have recently launched Arts Planet, an international professional networking site, a unique tool for arts practitioners who work, or want to work internationally. This exciting new site allows arts professionals from across the globe to make contacts, collaborate and talk to each other. Arts-Planet.net will be an invaluable resource for people to create projects, identify partners and expand networks internationally.

Essentially a Facebook for arts professionals, Arts-Planet.net arises out of Visiting Artsí commitment to strengthening intercultural understanding. Anyone who has taken part in a joint Visiting Arts/British Council programme is invited to build a profile which will allow them to showcase their current projects, help them keep contact with friends and participants on these programmes and connect them to the wider public and arts professionals who will have access to this site.

www.arts-planet.net will further international collaborations, arts networks and intercultural dialogue. Registration as a user is free.

Contact: Felix Barnes, Visiting Arts, Units 4.01 and 4.02, Enterprise House, 1 - 2 Hatfields, London SE1 9PG, UK; tel.: 020 7960 9631; fax: 020 7960 9643; www.visitingarts.org.uk, www.culturalprofiles.net