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Members' Activities 2009

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20 Years After the Fall of Communism - Cultural Policy in Central Europe

The programme, organised by the International Cultural Centre in Kraków, Poland in cooperation with the Institut für den Donauraum und Mitteleuropa in Vienna, welcomes advanced students, young scholars, young cultural administrators, NGOs and other candidates active in the field of cultural management from Eastern and Western European countries. The programme will take place in Kraków from 8-19 July 2009.

This summer session is aimed at providing participants with a wider perspective on changing cultural policy in European countries; working out a comparative study of cultural policy trends and challenges in the countries represented by the participants in the programme; exchanging views on the culture in both post-communist Europe and "old" EU member states. The programme will be run in the form of lectures, seminar meetings and workshops.

Issues to be covered include:

  • some history: Europe around 1989 and the following changes
  • definitions, models and instruments of cultural policy
  • examples of cultural policy development in Eastern and Western European countries (comparative approach: legislation, funding, problem of decentralization and desetatization)
  • international organizations and culture: the Council of Europe and its former and current priorities, UNESCO, cultural policy of the EU
  • culture in the market economy/ civil society and cultural policy/ international cultural cooperation / cultural industries / contemporary art
  • national cultural policies and European perspectives
  • mass media: shift from traditional tools to new technologies

Deadline for applications is 15 May 2009.

For details and to apply please see http://www.mck.krakow.pl/view.php?idt=7&idm=226 or contact: sekret@mck.krakow.pl