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Cultural Policy Research Award 2009

The European Cultural Foundation, the Riksbankens Jublileumsfond and the European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres ENCATC have opened the application process for the 6th Cultural Policy Research Award 2009.

Designed to stimulate academic and applied cultural policy research and to explore, through comparative cross-national research, issues at stake in contemporary Europe, and possibly anticipate new cultural policy orientations, the CPRA has also the ambition to contribute to the process of creating an "infrastructure", a network of scholars who are competent in doing comparative research projects in cultural policy.

Open to young (35 or under) academics, researchers and policymakers from all European countries, the Award was launched for the first time in 2004 and has been running as a pilot project for four years (2004-2007). Issues covered so far were the raison d' être of a European cultural policy, creative industries in South-East Europe, comparison of trends in funding, governance and organizational structure of live classical music organizations, and issues of diversity within the cultural industries (focus on architecture, fashion and music).

For the year 2009, applications must be submitted until 23 May 2009 through the online application form on the CPR Award website. The winner of the CPR Award 2009, worth 10.000 Euro, will be publicly announced at the International ENCATC Annual Conference taking place in Barcelona, Spain from 21 - 24 October 2009.

Contact information: Rosa Diaz Dominguez, CPR Award Coordinator, Promotion and Press; e-mail: communications@encatc.org; www.encatc.org/pages/index.php?id=27