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Members' Activities 2009

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SPACE - Supporting Performing Arts Circulation in Europe


Organized by ONDA, France's National Office for Artistic Diffusion, last year nine national cultural institutions created Space, a platform for reflection and collaboration dedicated to supporting the circulation of the performing arts in Europe. The project has three different dimensions and will be carried out over a three year period.

  • "Travelogue" Data Exchange & Research - Together with IETM and ENICPA, Space plans a research programme to address the difficulties in mapping the mobility of performing arts productions in Europe. Some countries do not map the international activities of their performing arts companies, while others do this in variable ways, often with the immediate aim of measuring the exportation of their productions (and not the cooperation level between countries) quantitatively (not qualitatively). The programme seeks therefore to create a simple and efficient tool, created by professionals, to map the current state of affairs in the international dissemination of performing arts productions and identify imbalances, and to generate ideas for developing innovative models and instruments with a view to creating a more balanced situation. A travelogue online prototype, will be produced by European professionals who will participate in training sessions on standards and methods for linking, sharing and comparing data between countries and sectors.
  • Training and Development Pilot Programmes - Approximately 100 high potential emerging professionals from different European countries will take part in a mobility training programme carried out throughout Europe. The programme will be organised in small groups, and be developed and managed with the cooperation of other networks and organisations such as Team (performing arts magazines network), NextStep (European festivals platform) and la Belle Ouvrage (training organisation). The aim is to create a network eager to design and practice new forms of cultural mobility, acquire in-depth knowledge of each countrys context, to gain useful European experience, compare and assess working tools, and develop a better understanding of Europe and its cultural diversity, both on a concrete and political level.
  • Institutional Capacity Building - An important part of the project is to enlarge the project by including other already existing institutions, and to support and stimulate new institutions, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, to play a role in creating opportunities for their national artists and art professionals to work at a European level. The long-term objective is to create a network of strong national performing arts institutions which are able to contribute - through policy and practice - to a European programme of cultural mobility and circulation.

The nine Space members are: Onda (Paris), www.onda-international.com; VTI (Brussels), www.vti.be; TIN (Amsterdam), www.theaterinstituut.nl; New Theatre Institute of Latvia (Riga), www.theatre.lv; British Council (Londres), www.britishcouncil.org; ETI (Roma), www.enteteatrale.it; Pro Helvetia (Zurich), www.pro-helvetia.ch; The Red House (Sofia), www.redhouse-sofia.org; Arts and Theatre Institute (Prague), institute.theatre.cz; Zentrum BRD des Internationalen Theaterinstituts in Berlin.

Project partners are Enicpa, www.enicpa.net; IETM, www.ietm.org; Team, www.team-network.eu; and La Belle Ouvrage, www.labelleouvrage.fr.

Call for Applications to Performing Arts Managers on the Move

The organizers are looking for 30 individuals who will be divided into 2 separate groups. Each group will undergo a training programme of 16 months duration, made up of 5 sessions (each lasting 3 days) and taking place in 5 European countries. The participants will learn about the specific performing arts context in each of the host countries and about the challenges and opportunities of moving performing arts work around Europe. They will be offered the chance to learn from and engage with national and Europe-wide networks and with organisations and individuals working within the performing arts in Europe. The trainers themselves are performing arts professionals with training expertise and with extensive experience in arts management.

The training aims to:

  • acquire solid information on the context of each country's performing arts sector;
  • learn the practical conditions and restrictions around the movement of work in those countries in order to improve one's professional opportunities;
  • undergo a thorough and substantial European experience;
  • compare and confront ones own working tools and touring experiences with those of other arts professionals;
  • create a network of arts professionals with shared experience and understanding in common;
  • develop a better understanding of Europe and its cultural diversity, both on a practical and on a political level;
  • understand and respond to the central challenge of sustainability as it impacts on the mobility of performing arts and artists;
  • develop an understanding of the importance and practice of international collaboration.

Elligible are young professionals working in the administration, production or touring of performing arts and who are interested in improving their knowledge and understanding of the mobility of this work throughout Europe. Candidates should be:

  • with at least 3 years of professional experience, and current employment, in the performing arts,
  • living and/or working in one of the European Countries,
  • fluent in spoken and written English. Applicants should submit their application and supporting documents in English and should expect a telephone conversation in English as part of the final selection process, and
  • with experience of working in an international context.

Successful candidates shall be able to show evidence of having been personally responsible for initiating and developing at least one significant project, and included in a professional network, preferably transnational. Application deadline is 24 June 2009. For application details, please see spaceproject.eu/SPACE_project/performing_arts_managers_onthemove.html.