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The Banff Centre Visual Arts and New Media Residencies

The Banff Centre calls for applications to a number of its visual arts and new media thematic residencies with upcoming deadlines.

Master Class: Seven Weeks with the Taskmaster, 6 January 23 February 2010, application deadline: 14 September 2009 Kutlug Ataman, Turner Prize-nominated artist and film-maker, will lead this unique Master Class designed for young artists who want to break into the international art scene. Instead of teaching art history, art theory, or critical studies, Ataman will encourage ten participants through weekly group and one-on-one discussions to work through impasses, develop new studio practices, and bring their ideas to fruition.

Thematic Residency: Polymath Breakthrough with Joseph del Pesco, 16 November 11 December 2009, application deadline: 15 July 2009 This residency is designed to bring artists and their collaborators together to experimentally work toward big ideas. Existing collaborative pairs of artists and professionals from disciplines outside the arts will participate in an intensive series of think-tank style discussions and give presentations on research topics to exchange their collective and creative intelligence.

BNMI Co-production Residency: Liminal Screen, 25 February 27 March 2010, application deadline: 31 August 2009 The residency will focus its inquiry on the transitions between screen and life, as the screen reinforces its central position as an ubiquitous communications portal, data visualization surface, and frame on an ever more meditated world. Practitioners from all walks of screen-based practice are encouraged to apply.

For details, please see www.banffcentre.ca.