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Current Issues in International Cultural Policy

The Program in Arts Administration, Teachers College, Columbia University, announces Current Issues in International Cultural Policy, a special course taught by Adrian Ellis, Executive Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center and Scholar in Residence for the Program in Arts Administration, to be held on 24 May 11 June 2010 in ten three-hour sessions. Available to graduate students for course credit and to practitioners, researchers and thinkers as a professional development course, the course is designed to provide students, practitioners, researchers, and teachers with a deeper understanding of some of the most pressing issues affecting the arts in the United States. It also seeks to examine the implications for the cultural sector of the rapidly changing political, economic, and social context in which policies affecting cultural provision are formed and executed. Outside speakers will illuminate some of the lectures.

For information about registration, please email arad@columbia.edu or see www.tc.columbia.edu/academic/arad/.