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Directory of Arts and Culture Organizations & Festivals in the CEMAC Region

On 20 August 2009, CREATE released the maiden (2010) edition of its "Directory of Arts and Culture Organizations & Festivals in the CEMAC region." The directory which is 119 pages long was developed by Peter Musa, CREATE Coordinator with Nicolas Lesur an intern at CREATE from the Institute of Political Science (IEP) University of Bordeaux, France.

The annual directory hopes to contribute to the development of the culture and creative sector within the CEMAC region. It also includes pan-African and global organizations. Anyone interested in the field of culture in Africa will find this directory very useful. With its international dimension, it is certain it will not only serve the region and Africa, but also be a valuable resource across the oceans. An extensive list of portals is also part of the directory which can be freely downloaded on the Directory section of the CREATE website.

More informationa available at www.createinfo.net.ms