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Cultural Studies -- Critical Methodologies

Call for Papers

For its issue on Encounters: Researchers as Tourists and Travellers, by guest editors Keyan G Tomaselli and Andrew Causey, Cultural Studies - Critical Methodologies invites papers which explore how academics encounter their research sites, subjects and even their own holiday destinations. Autoethnography would offer one of a number of key research methods into studies of our own back yards and/or far away places. Tourism guides like the Lonely Planet and Bradt series, though often anecdotal, do offer sometimes intriguing insights and guidance into local norms, cultures and practices. These guides themselves need to be studied, critiqued, and analysed through both theoretical and methodological lenses, and of course in the field itself.

Papers should offer new methods and ways of doing research, based on empirical experiences and theoretical revisions, and theorised diaries of actual researcher-researched experiences which develop new ways of researching and particularly, writing, through which new insights are generated and new research is inspired. The deadline for the submission of papers is 31 July 2010, electronic copies should be simultaneously submitted to Andrew Causey, acausey@colom.edu and Keyan Tomaselli, tomasell@ukzn.ac.za

Submitting authors should contact the editors for further information regarding submission procedures: Guest Editors, Andrew Causey, Dept of Anthropology, Columbia College, Chicago; and Keyan G Tomaselli, Centre for Communication, Media and Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa, ccms.ukzn.ac.za

For more details, please see www.sagepub.com/journalsProdDesc.nav?prodId=Journal201379