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MA Cultural Tourism at Leeds Metropolitan University

The Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, has developed an important and innovative Master's qualification in Cultural Tourism to allow participants to take an informed position in contemporary theoretical debates and applied policy programmes focusing on tourism and its relationships with different concepts and expressions of culture. The course is also designed to equip participants with the knowledge, ideas, and awareness of contemporary policy contexts, together with the research skills and relevant practical applications relating to cultural tourism.

The MA will be taught by the academic staff of the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, a global leader in interdisciplinary research and education regarding tourism and different concepts of culture. The MA course modules will discuss the structures and dynamics of international tourism and cultural flows; the social practices and performances of tourists; international tourism and cultural heritage policy; the relationships between tourism and concepts of modernity, globalisation and colonialism; tangible and intangible heritages and their management; the role of museums and the ways by which cultures are represented; festivals and cultural events; culture and regeneration; tourism as a means of intercultural dialogue. The Researching Cultural Tourism module, a choice of second semester options and, the opportunity to work on a live case study relating to the cultural sector will provide skills necessary to move into a range of career opportunities in cultural tourism sectors, heritage management, cultural policy, international development and research.

Course applicants include people progressing from undergraduate qualifications in the social sciences and humanities as well as from more applied and inter-disciplinary undergraduate programmes such as tourism management. The course is also designed to meet the career development needs of professionals from organisations and government agencies concerned with the sustainable development of tourism, museums, heritage sites, and the cultural sectors. Application deadline is the end of August 2010.

Contact: Dr Philip Long, tel.: +44 (0) 113 - 812 8541; fax: +44 (0) 113 - 812 8544; e-mail: p.e.long@leedsmet.ac.uk; tourism-culture.com/