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European Diploma in Cultural Project Management 2011/2012

The European Diploma in Cultural Project Management, a pan-European training programme arising from the will to foster cultural diversity as well as transregional and transnational cultural exchanges, organized and managed by the Fondation Marcel Hicter, invites applications for 2011/2012. Application deadline is 15 January 2011.

The European Diploma is organized in such a way that it allows participants to carry on with their professional activities. It lasts one year and is held in 3 phases: 2 residential sessions, a comparative study and an evaluation + seminar phase.

Two sessions of a fortnight take place in two different countries each year. The next training session, will be organised in Torino and Florence (Italy) from 20-27 May 2011, and in Poland in first half of October 2011. The themes, which will be discussed, are: Europe and culture; project management, cultural cooperation, operational management of cultural projects, fund raising etc.

Between the residential sessions and the evaluation phase, the trainees return to their jobs in their countries, and in parallel work on their own project. They also have to do a comparative study visit in another region of Europe.

The one-week evaluation/seminar phase includes the presentation of the participants' projects and the organization of a thematic seminar. It will take place mid 2012.

The objective is threefold:

  • To strengthen the knowledge of cultural managers about European, national and regional cultural policies;
  • To improve cultural managers skills to run cultural co-operation projects.
  • To develop a network of European cultural managers.

Contact: Association Marcel Hicter pour la Démocratie culturelle, 27 rue du Belvédère, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium; tel.: +32 2 641 8980; fax: +32 2 641 8981; www.fondation-hicter.org